FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 5/3/21

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What did you think of tonight’s Raw?
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In defence of young rock, considering some of Wai’s favourite part of dark side of the ring are the recreations, one of the ongoing storylines have actors recreating some of the biggest stars of the wwe in the 80’s, and that alone is worth checking out.

Regarding the a&e biographies, do you think there was any intention of putting macho man back to back with roddy, in which they spent time in the piper doc talking about how roddy was difficult about the finish to the mania match with mr t, and then the next episode they say that the perfect wrestler shouldn’t care if they’re getting pinned or pinning?

Paul from New Jersey

I appreciate WWE trying to rebuild the Tag Team division on RAW, but the verbal exchange between Kofi and Omos was pitiful. In fact, there were a lot of terrible promos on the show tonight. Dana Brooke looked pretty bad tonight. I don’t understand the appeal of her or Mandy. Made it to the Ripley/Charlotte/Asuka segment and called it quits. I don’t know if the show is horrible or if it’s just a whole lot of nothing. Monday nights are just boring.

Nick from Boston

Tonight seemed mostly like filler once again, however the debut of Mansoor was a much needed fresh element. Regardless of his country of origin, more representation of all kinds is always welcome on a show like Raw, & I’m happy to see his work pay off with a main roster spot.

With that being said, they couldn’t have let him go 50-0? Felt like there was potential in a streak storyline, & getting upstaged by Humberto & laid out by Sheamus wasn’t the ideal debut I had in mind. Hopefully he’ll be involved in a match at Backlash. With the prominent positions we’ve seen him in before, how do you see him being used going forward?

Andrew from Cape Breton

One positive from my work is I usually only watch 2 hours of Raw so it doesn’t feel like the kind of torture outlawed by most countries. At least they’re not sticking a rose up anyone’s butt in the Post Wrestling family. I knew of Eva Marie coming back but I don’t really understand why. She never struck me as a good talker and I don’t think working for a few months at the Performance Centre will work out any of the kinks. If it’s only because of her look, there are plenty of attractive women in WWE who can fill her role. Hell, Carmella has the exact same gimmick. Anyway, some positives is they got some people on the show who normally weren’t, they even gave Cedric Alexander a speaking role despite his voice not wanting to be apart of the segment. A question though. I know you’ve stated many times in the past that Raw has never been WCW 2000 bad. Is Raw now WCW 2000 bad?

Alexander from Portland

This felt like the best RAW WWE has put on in months. While not everything was great the pacing felt very fast compared to recent weeks. Morrison and Sheamus had matches, Mansoor and Eva Marie made their presences felt, and we got our main event for next week announced. Most promos tonight were meh at best. Omos and The New Day were awkward, Alexa said nothing of importance, Cedric Alexander was difficult to understand. It’s too bad Randy Orton’s gimmick isn’t finding people backstage and zipping their mouths shut.

question: do you think Angel Garza will keep his new gimmick for a while? I think it could have legs but it wouldn’t surprise me if he dropped it in a week.

I’ve decided to bookmark this show so that I can go back in a couple of months to see if there has been any payoff on the time given to Humberto Carrillo, Angel Garza, Mansoor, Cedric vs Shelton, LHP, Drew Gulak, and even RK-Bro. The recycling of the same matches was a definite issue on this episode, but they did also give moments to people who we haven’t seen a lot (or at least not a lot lately). I just don’t have a lot of confidence that anything will come of it.

I found myself more aggravated than usual tonight by the insipid women’s segments. I put that down in part to the fact that tonight’s Dark Elevation offered a contrast with their women’s lineup, like the surprising and enjoyable match between Abadon and Ryu Mizunami. With a new champion and the return of Charlotte, there is no reason why the Raw women’s division should feel as stale as it does. And if their idea of how to spice things up is to re-introduce Eva Marie, the future doesn’t seem bright.

The use of newer or little-seen talent made this week’s Raw a bit better than the last couple, but even as I type that, I feel like I’ve given in to some kind of wrestling Stockholm Syndrome.

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