FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 5/30/22

What did you think of Raw?

Mannie from pacoima

Sorry for asking in a raw review, but do you have any news on jeff hardy? Aew’s instagram page posted the advertised 10 man tag for Wednesday is now an 8 man tag with jeff and adam cole being removed.

Last night’s main event for Double or Nothing was about 25 minutes long, which means that between the time she arrived and when her match finished, Liv Morgan spent almost as much time in the ring as CM Punk in the last 24 hours. They have really got to do something about the way they block these shows so that people don’t just hang out for ages because it’s gotten silly.

Cody vs Seth definitely feels like the hot program going into Sunday, and I expect the women’s title match will be very good as well. What matches do you think we’re going to have from the Smackdown side of things? There aren’t any booked so far but I can’t think of what they’ll put on there, unless it’s a Corbin/ Moss rematch.

After listening to this review and the way John recapped the Seth Promo, I can’t see how he loses 3x on a row to Cody. This would be a real emphatic statement for Seth to have cut that promo as the WWE guy and go on to lose his 3rd match to this outsider who came back. Will the beat Cody in the Blowoff match and let Seth win the big one while Cody won the first 2 including Mania. 50/50 at its finest.