FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 5/4/20

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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Andrew from Cape Breton

I could have sworn the Viking Raiders vs the Street Profits was for the tag team titles. Maybe I just wasn’t paying attention but the Raiders going on about how the Street Profits never beat them, maybe I just assumed they would get a title match. The show was ok tonight. The gauntlet match made me think, why are we bringing in some of these people? I hope Shelton Benjiman didn’t have to travel to Raw from far away. And poor Akira Tozawa, apparently he fights for the jobber title on NXT based on his treatment on Raw. Lastly, this was brought up last week, but the dialogue they give Liv Morgan makes me believe that writers shouldn’t exist in wrestling. I’d rather see someone screw up what they were supposed to say off the top of his head then have someone read their badly scripted lines perfectly. 5 out of 10 show.

Alexander from Portland

What an odd situation Lana is in: she enters into an angle where she gets with Lashley and makes out with him in front of Rusev, her real life husband. Rusev loses the feud and gets released, meanwhile Lana’s services are seemingly no longer wanted by Lashley. I’m curious what the end result of this story is. One story I thought was done was Edge and Orton. I’m sure both men want to put on a better match than what they had at Mania, but it feels far too early to go back to that. Liv is improving, tag matches were good, and we have reasons to tune in next Monday. I really hope we get a spot next Sunday where Hornswoggle tries to climb a ladder but is grabbed by Corbin, stuffed in a pillowcase, and tossed off the roof. My question: it seems silly that WWE built a ring on top of their headquarters for just one match (or is it two?). Could you see WWE holding an entire PPV on their rooftop? If they’re really wanting to capture the interest of network subscribers, the first ever all roof PPV might do the trick.

This show was going along at a pace that made me question my viewing habits. Then, at around 10:10PM eastern standard time, the heavens opened up. A man wearing a necklace resembling the Deathly Hallows from Harry Potter was not in his room, but appeared as if out of “thin air.” What did he say? I could not careless. All I know is that tonight, in the POST Office, one man will be allowed to achieve greatness. Like Jordan on the floor in Monte Carlo in 1992, John Pollock will display why he is the alpha amongst alphas when he gets to recite the words spoken by Aleister Black. By the time this is being read, he would have already shown Toni Kukoc why the duo known as Pollock & Ting are the greatest parts of Monday nights. QUESTION. What was the greater event to happen at the Georgia Dome in 1998; Jordan’s last game in Atlanta with the Bulls, or Goldberg v. Hogan on NITRO later that year? Mind you; Jordan had 34 points that night and shot .500 from the field.

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We have gathered here today to discuss Raw. I get the feeling the writers feel it too but this is a chore to sit through each week, and thank you guys for doing so. AJ was a nice surprise in the match tonight and now he’s added to the match on Sunday I could see him winning. I feel like WWE missed an opportunity not to have Andrade in Money in the Bank, given his little feud with McIntrye over the last month. What is more likely to bounce back the people coming back to the arenas or the ratings for WWE?

Take care guys…

I’m not sure if I’m suffering from the Mandela effect because I swear I remember Ricochet winning the United States title from Samoa Joe and later beating Seth Rollins and Bobby Lashley to challenge for the WWE Championship. Now all I see is a jobber who lost to Lesnar in spectacular fashion, was moved to main event and then came back to Raw to be pinned by… Brendan Vink? I’m at a loss for words.

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A funny thing I saw pointed out online is that Thorne was squashed by Dexter Lumis on NXT. So of course he goes on to get a win over Cedric and Ricochet on RAW. Gotta love WWE booking