FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 5/5/19

With John Pollock on a much deserved break, I will be joined by @daviePortman to discuss tonight’s WILD CARD edition of WWE Raw.

What did you think of Raw?

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Paul from New Jersey

At about 715, I received a breaking news message from the WWE network informing me that Roman was going to show up tonight. If anybody needed another indication that the brand split means absolutely nothing, here it is. Roman then proceeded to say and I quote “I’ve been on RAW for 4 or 5 years a long time.” Well done Roman.

I understand this is a panicked response to the ratings. Instead of this desperate attempt to draw viewership, why not write more compelling characters, attach stakes in which you stick to and make your champions look strong. I know it’s not this simple, but this just seems very lazy.

I was hoping to see Dana Brooke get built up before MITB. One peach cobbler scented letter and a half entrance later, my hope was running low.

The Viking Raiders got zero pop. A pretty forgettable show despite being told how unforgettable it would be the entire night. I give this show a 1… Don’t like to be this negative, but not a lot of positives tonight.

Jay from Colorado

“There is nothing about Monday Night Raw that is fun…”

Daniel Bryan is the most honest man in wrestling.

Out of curiosity I looked up the numbers that Fox is doing on Friday nights and right now between the three shows that occupy that time (Last Man Standing, Cool Kids, and Hell’s Kitchen) they pull between 2 million to about 5 and a half million viewers. I just don’t see how SmackDown is going to draw anything close to that on Friday nights on Fox. Especially with both shows in this state. They’ve gotta be shitting themselves at WWE headquarters right now. Something has to change.

Andrew from Cape Breton

It’s always annoying when stipulations are ignored, but when they are ignored 2 hours into your show, you know you have a problem. This whole Wild Card thing just makes me wish the brand split would end and they would unify some titles. The highlight for me tonight honestly was the Lucha House Party jobber match. In a world where we have 2 segment Baron Corbin matches, it seems refreshing to have showcase matches for talent. I kinda wish instead of the tag champs losing, they just had the Viking Experience beat some jobbers. An obvious low light was the Revival and this magic icy/hot stuff the Usos invented that you can’t feel until you start sweating. People say the Revival are being buried, and while that’s true, I think the Revival love this. This just gives them more sympathy for when they leave. People see how poorly WWE is using the Revival, so when they leave, they can advertise themselves as finally getting an opportunity to show what they’re made of. I think that’s why they did such a good job acting. They’ll just continue to cash cheques and will keep working WWE into thinking this will make them look bad. In the end, this will make them bigger stars outside of WWE due to people looking at WWE as the bad guys holding back a talented tag team. The Revival truly are old school, as they are even able to work the marks in WWE. 4 out of 10 show.

Man, I had a shit day. Lot of driving, traffic, just overall the shits. It would have taken a bare minimum coherent show for me to unwind and relax this week. This sucked. Even the edibles I took couldn’t save it. Cheers to Kofi and Bryan for the hard work in the main.

Carl in cloverdale

Decent RAW.

The Revival stuff is funny in a dark way by watching them have fun trying to humiliate these guys for not honouring their contracts and asking for a release. It’s a bit ruthless but is a deterrent against others who don’t want to Honor what they sign.

Kofi and Bryan was good. Loved the new wild card rules so we get every show being a surprise of who is there.

WWE should be good while we wait for Undertaker and Lesnar and Goldberg to come hype Saudi show. The fact they might appear on any show is exciting

Guys I’m done with this superstar shake up BS because its still going on but their calling it a Wild Card Rule now.There hasn’t been a true brand separation Roman Regins was drafted to Smackdown then there’s this news hes coming to Raw they deny it and there he was. The stuff with The Revival and the Usos come on really can it get any lower than this for them. Thank you for all the hard work you do on Post Wrestling I first heard y’all on The Law great audio keep it up guys

Noah from Vaughan

I watched all three hours of this show and am just baffled at what I watched. I am disgusted and embarrassed for what the tag team division has become. How do you mess up a division with the likes of the USOs, War Raiders, Anderson and Gallows, and Revival. Question, since 5 SDLive superstars appeared on raw, does this mean 5 raw superstars can appear on smackdown tomorrow? I’m confused

1/10 rating

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Chris from Queensland, Australia.

WWE needs a continuity checker ASAP! This so-called “Wildcard Rule” introduced tonight was also broken tonight! So during the opening Reigns, Bryan, & Kingston appeared from SmackDown, before Elias, & Sullivan appeared later from SmackDown.

At this stage I know it’s just a TV show and I shouldn’t care, but when WWE can’t even keep the rules of their universe straight for 3-hours why should I continue to watch?

(NO SPOILERS) I’ve just seen END GAME, the 3-hours flew by and I left the cinema feeling rewarded for investing my time and money into this universe! Why is this so hard for WWE to get right?

Ventak from Mumbai,

The Brand Split is dead with this ass of a Wildcard rule. Obvious WWE obviously pairing the main event competitors in a tag team and then them obviously having dissension.

What the fuck are they doing with the Revival and The Usos? Legitimately two great tag teams who are given shit to do to satisfy the whims of a mad man. If it’s Vince punishing the Revival, it just comes of as extremely petty. Clearly there’s a difference between talent like Dean Ambrose and someone like the Revival.

Sami Zayn might genuinely be one of the most overlooked talent on the Main Roster. Him just being buried by Braun and almost being buried in Garbage just makes me sad. Kofi v Bryan was good

Two out if ten show for me. Thanks guys

Wai and Davie, did you see the new trailer for Spiderman: Far from Home. Seems like they’re exploring some interesting themes from Avengers Endgame.

I’m sorry Davie, you had to come on for this piss poor edition of Raw.