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Mannie from pacoima

Tournament season is back once again, but in all honesty does it ever take a break?
Some solid matches tonight, though I do feel bad for those who were unfortunately pulled out. Was really looking forward to Lyra vs asuka. Do you see ilja vs Gunther coming as soon as the Raw bracket finals or do you think they save it for a much bigger stage? Looking forward to the smackdown side of the bracket, my only nitpick is having some of the Tournament matches at the house shows.

Also I definitely recommend the galeno del mal vs speedball mike bailey match from last night’s gcw the world on lucha. Wai have you heard rikishi’s hogan diss track? John how have you been enjoying survivor?

The Queen of the Ring tournament this year cleared the low bar the last one set. Iyo v Natalya was the best out of the three tonight and it was easy to see how thrilled they were about working together.

Ilja Dragunov and Ricochet shut it down. It got across what makes Ilja such a one of a kind talent and Ricochet was a helluva dance partner to make the transition easier. Lengthy matches will get Ilja over in no time.

The Punk/McIntyre story is intensifying. Liv Morgan is going further in this heel run and Gunther/Sheamus, pt 3 was another great match to cap off a wrestling-heavy Raw.

Personally…I want Drew/Priest for Clash at the Castle.

Stray musing:

Does anyone think a trade will take place for a Wolf Dogs reunion?

Great edition of Wattup Doe today, Wai :+1:t5:

Really, really, enjoyed this episode of RAW. I’ve not had the greatest time over the last couple of weeks with the show. This was a great rebound. Thought the limb work in the Sheamus-Gunther match was inspired. Awesome storytelling that really captured the drama and really had you rooting for Sheamus. Gunther’s one of the best I’ve ever seen and in my current top two with Danielson. Enjoyed CM Punk’s promo and I can’t wait for his feud with Drew. I see this more as a clash between two flawed people with a personal issue, as opposed to a defined babyface-heel dynamic and that’s more compelling. Would like to see this feud infused with another unadulterated hatred when we get closer to the match. Not a fan of extending this Gable-Sami match. I wish they’d get to it soon. Need more heel Gable promos as well.

Brian in New Jersey.

Gunther vs. Sheamus and Dragunov vs. Ricochet were as good as I expected them to be. Glad they got the time. It didn’t seem the crowd cared about the women’s matches. I like tournaments, and I would be more enthusiastic about these King and Queen of the Ring Tournaments if they weren’t culminating within Assassination Nation.

Kudos to Felix Gouty for his article about his experience at Backlash.

Announcing eight tournament matches for Raw seemed really ambitious, and it was, so we got six with a little leftover spice for house shows. Maybe HHH came across The Mountie’s big intercontinental title win at a house show for inspiration. That darn flu.

But what I really want to know was John’s reaction, seeing that puck dumped into the Leafs’ zone, bouncing off the boards almost perfectly to break the hearts of most Torontonians, except the one who saw it coming, Nostradamus Pollock.

Jay from Colorado

I like how Braun gave that whole speil about not liking bullies, and then just non-chalantly called Ricochet “kiddo”. They’re like five years apart in age.

All Leaf fans saw it coming.

Hell, even Ray Charles could see that and he’s been dead for twenty years!