FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 6/1/20

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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Paul from New Jersey

Getting HBK, who is widely considered by many to be the greatest in ring performer of all time to endorse this Edge/Orton debacle is laughable. Apollo/Owens was solid, but I was just waiting for the inevitable interference followed by the Teddy Long tag match. I am however glad Apollo got the pinfall & I won’t lie, I enjoyed the interaction between Garza/ Vega/Caruso this week. The show was feeling really long and then it happened…Billie Kay defeats Nikki Cross clean in a match that was given time. Paul is very happy. I will contain myself and simply say I think this has been a nice little feud. Nikki acting overzealous which costed her in the end was a nice touch. The show reached its zenith at that point, so I’m going to go read a book. Let DJ & the Cowboy close this one out.

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Andrew from Cape Breton

Admittedly I was distracted while watching Raw. There is so much outrage I have with everything going on, which was compounded by tweeting about Raw and reading Jaxon Ryker of the Forgotten Sons praise Donald Trump after he tear gassed a bunch of people for a photo op with the upside down bible. I went from thinking he had main event potential in TNA to wanting to never see him on television ever again. I want to make funny one liners about Nia Jax sloppiness or Dominik’s bad promo, or how the greatest match ever is likely going to end with a low blow in 20 seconds but the world in general kinda sucks right now. But I just want to say that I hope everyone is safe and I hope things get better. It will be good to hear from Nate and Andrew when this comes out as well.

Nick from Lansing

It was a fine show, Charlotte and Asuka were expectedly good and KO and Apollo had a fun match till the “how do we get out of pinning these guys” finish
I won’t act like I wasn’t distracted by world events for a lot of the show. Hope everyone is staying safe

Jordan from Kitchener

It’s hard to form a thought on tonight Raw. The matches we received were excellent in-ring wise but were kind of overshadow by run-ins. Tonight edition was just there. It did enough to progress storylines, but that’s about it. It is like what WCW aspired to be in the year 2000 for an edition of Nitro.

Alexander from Portland

Strongly disliked this show. Just a few questions:

  1. With Edge and Orton being heralded as The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever, do you think WWE will tone down the quality of the other matches on the Backlash card in an attempt to ensure none outshine it?

  2. Now that we have the 24/7 Championship back on television, how soon do you think we’ll see The Street Profits and Viking Raiders involved with it? Between putt-putt golf and bowling, the attempt at humor in their rivalry seems perfect for the 24/7 Championship.

This RAW felt like an episode of MAIN EVENT. So many recap videos. Also, Shawn Michael’s beard may be his best wardrobe choice in decades. They seemed to have changed the Edge and Orton match to “what just could be” the best match ever, at least in Tom’s added-in voiceover, which sounds like Adam Copeland made a call to the marketing department. Rey should win the wrestling eyepatch of the year award. Finally, in the promos for NXT, it seemed like there was a new guy doing voiceover. Was wondering if you guys knew who that was, and why there may have been a change?