FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 6/10/19

What did you think of Raw?

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Paul from New Jersey


Evans and Lynch sounded excellent. I find it a tad strange having a marine who overcame a lot act as a women sleeping her way to the top, but perhaps I’m nitpicking.

The Bliss/Cross dynamic has been consistently good week to week.

The women’s tagteam champions won a match on television, kind of? That’s neat.

I’m just going to say it, I thoroughly enjoyed the elevator bit with the 24/7 title. I can feel John rolling his eyes as I write this, but I thought they were all hilarious.


My failure to realize that WWE is cross-cultural and none of this is for the money.

I hate hate hate the wild card.

Overall, this was a better show them the past several weeks, however it’s still a bit of a struggle. 5. Go Toronto!

Ive been watching wresting for 13 years and I see people get injured and injuries happen accidents happen we know this. Ricochet landing on Cesaros knee is was brutal to see happen and my question is should wrestlers be held more accountable for stuff like this other than an apology whether its a fine or suspension

I did not watch RAW tonight. LET’S GO RAPTORS!

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Tyler from Orlando,

Not quite as bad as previous RAW’s have been lately. I think the promo work on this show was horrendous but the wrestling fairly made up for it to make it an average show. Still look forward to whatever Bray Wyatt is doing every single week, but it begs the question, once Bray actually returns in ring do you think he maintains the current interest his new character has?

Javontae from the rubble of the Pontiac Silverdome

Most interesting part of this episode was either Cole mentioning Saudi Arabia by name or Graves Not giving a fuck about the tag team jobbers. I found it really interesting that they would re-air that video from Super Showdown but I guess if you’re getting paid to promote a nation why do it on a Network that reaches just over 1 million when you can do it on a Television show that reaches 3 million plus in the U.S. alone. Do you think they are going to start playing their propaganda videos on television more?

Did anyone else notice Paul Heyman hint at Brock being a Special Guest Referee for Corbin/Rollins and the announcers not mention it at all? My mind splintered off into 2 different directions during this: 1) Why does Baron Corbin want Brock Lesnar to kick his ass? This is the worst time for him to challenge for the championship if WWE characters thought like actual human beings. 2)Can the 24/7 title have Special guest referees? And if so, are you allowed to just appoint yourself?

Question: with New Japan announcing a tournament to take place on American soil, what do you guys think the next plan will be in their oversees expansion? Do you think they’ll go the NXT route and set up a U.S. division (I mean they already have a PC, I mean, Dojo here) or do you think they’ll go the Main Roster route and just try to find decent enough TV on foreign soil while touring there every once in a while?

I respect thisi

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Ughh Brandonfrmnj

My dearest tar sands

Yo soy amigos it is I your dearest servant been a minute since we spoke just wanna speak my peace into existence about the raw proceedings but first shame on those raptors fans for cheering the injury of Kevin Durant in the same building where they cheered Goldberg after he got concussed while spearing Brett when he wore the vibranium chest plate. For shame. Anywhoo raw was kinda cathartic episode from too much talking to the 24/7 parody of trap in the closet to Bailey losing in her hometown. Until things change things will stay the same.


-did Shane and drew dress in the same closet in Jeddah?

-when bray said “Kon’nichiwa” was that a shout out to him wanting to get his release and be in the g1 or is that a bridge too far? Also why does rambling rabbit sound like he is on somas?

-you think Ibushi used some of that Goldbaum that they were advertising on raw after his match with Naito

-tic toc Wai tic toc Aug 11th John candy box tic toc

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Jay from Colorado

I swear Alexa Bliss called Bayley a hooker. I had to rewind it a few times to make sure. Seems like Renee was confused too.

Didn’t watch Raw. Man, crazy last three minutes of the fourth quarter. With one more basket you clinch the Raptors first ever championship… and you seriously go to Kyle Lowry … Terrible possession.

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Brian from New York

So I guess The Revival aren’t being punished anymore? Or were they ever being punished? I guess we’ll never know. The tag division improves leaps and bounds having the titles off Ryder and Hawkins, especially if the Viking Raiders and AOP are getting back on TV to join the Usos. I kind of dig the loose stable Shane is putting together between McIntyre, Elias, and The Revival.

Tough break for Cesaro, who at least was getting on TV every week. Not sure there’s blame to be had with Ricochet, but perhaps a discussion should be had in the back as to whether the 630 needs to be pulled out every week. No matter how good you are, something like tonight’s accident is bound to happen from time to time.

For something I hated at first, it’s another week I enjoyed the 24/7 Title segment. It’s been a fine vehicle for Truth and I guess something we can hope for is they stumble on some sort of hook for one of the guys chasing the belt along the way. Maybe ECIII? Okay, maybe not. At least Cedric Alexander got to say a few words tonight.

Lastly, up against tough competition, Raw doesn’t have Roman live on it? Kind of takes away the reason to continue with the Wild Card excuse if they don’t even feel the need to squeeze him in on a night like this. Maybe the gimmick will start winding down. We can only hope.

Nurse timeout killed it

Everytime Ricochet does a suicide dive, I shout “Brie Bella Style !”