FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 6/11/18

Tonight, Davie Portman will join me as Wai Ting is on vacation.

Leave us your feedback, questions & comments from Monday’s Raw and tune in late tonight.


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Sean from Toronto

Honestly, I have to admit that this episode of Raw hasn’t been as bad as things have been lately. Probably the lowest point of the show for me was the ridiculous opening promo with everyone on ladders, which was an accident waiting to happen. While, nothing on the show absolutely blown me away, I do think the show at the very least did its job as a pay per view go home show.

Jalen from Pickering,

The bar for this show is so low as of late, that I’m giving it praise for the simple fact that I didn’t fall asleep. Nothing on the show was outright bad, but it’s hard to call anything a true highlight either. All I want is a heel Ambrose to return, and for us to get to Summerslam where they might actually put in effort. 4/10

Raw had a couple moments I enjoyed. The Mens’ Fatal 4 Way was a good main event. Strowman continues to be the guy I want to see face/defeat Brock Lesnar eventually. I also liked, shockingly, the Nia/Rousey Face to Face. But there was way too much filler and bad on this show for me to give this anything above a 4. Lashley and Zayn need to be kept as far away as possible from each other after Sunday as the obstacle course brought back bad early NXT memories. And thank you Coach for reminding us all that John Mayer was a Hip-Hop artist. Seriously, I’m for human cloning at this point so we can have Bobby Heenan back. If they can clone sheep, they need to clone The Brain.
(I’d comment on the Reigns-Mahal segment but I missed it watching two other hated people meeting face to face in Singapore.)

Brandon from Oshawa

Congrats to Davie on his call up to the main roster. Its well deserved.

I didnt hate this show and I’m surprised coming off of Dominion. It wasnt anything amazing, but compared to recent weeks, it was a step up. Owens was tremendous all night, he’s clearly the smartest guy on the roster. I thought the obstacle course was passable. I’m glad Zayn didnt run the course and just attacked Lashley afterwards. It was a good heel move and Zayn is trying his hardest in all of his segments in this feud. I even liked Baron Corbins new hair style.

There is one thing being a fan of New Japan makes me think though, its time for a big stable or a couple in the WWE. New Japan has several stables of guys and even in their throwaway tag matches, they always have some sort of meaning. I’m not saying WWE should have 4 or 5 groups, but when was the last time they had a stable or more than 3 guys? Nexus? And they didnt last too long really. What are your thoughts?

Saturday I watched Dominion. Tonight I watched Raw. My life was so better on Saturday.


Chris from Melbourne, Australia.

Question for John & Davie: Do you think we’ll ever see a WWE Maternity leave policy? (Only ask as I seen Brie’s Royal Rumble return advertised for Total Bellas this week)