FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 6/17/19

What did you think of Raw?

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I’ve been hearing lots of reports regarding poor ticket sales for stomping grounds, so I took the time to go onto the Tocoma dome website during raw and have a look for myself. The blue dots are all seats still available. Ticket sales seem so bad that they now appear to be doing 2 for 1 offers. Also as reported by ringside news. If you happen to live in the Tacoma Washington area, wwe are now selling two tickets for the price of two months worth of a wwe network subscription unprecedented!


Paul from New Jersey

Was it just me or did the show feel much better paced than your average episode of RAW? There was no 20 minute opening monologue, and the United States contender match was booked very well and I thought the right guy went over in the end. I normally don’t care about the title at all but Joe Vs. Ricochet sounds promising. Nothing really seemed to drag on the show too badly. Segemebts jumped from one to the next which I thought was good. As soon as Corbin revealed EC3 as the new special guest referee, you knew a steel chair was in his near future. The weekend at Bernie’s spot with the New Day was really funny. I actually like what Seth is doing and I am the biggest Heath Slater fan so anytime I get to see him on television is a treat. Nice call back to when he and McIntyre played in the same band.

2 questions:

what in the hell was that Hogan pandering to the United States women’s soccer team promo all about? Dana Warrior talking about pride month and Hogan talking about women soccer. Sometimes, this company is weird.

what was a bigger victory? The Toronto Raptors winning the NBA championship or the IIconic‘s getting a victory on television Vs. non-enhancement talent? Perhaps we have different priorities. Have a good night gentlemen.


Andrew from Cape Breton

I was gonna play the fun game of how many wild cards they have, but once the New Day came out, I think it’s just easier to say there is no real brand split anymore. I’m ok with that, but it is annoying how they’re trying to make this stipulation mean something. Then again, they beat their Champions into powder, so I guess the Wild Card rule is just another example of that. I also hate how the commentators make the Firefly Funhouse sound so lame. I’m thinking this week may’ve been the last week and next week, we should see Bray out in front of the audience. It looked like a great finish to the vignettes. Granted, maybe next week will shout at the door for people to come and fight him and sound brooding while doing so. A relatively standard edition of Raw, 4 out of 10.

AJ from PA

Tonight’s raw wasn’t really bad, it was just there. I noticed some changes tonight though. Different angles and ways of shooting. That one crowd shot that panned over into the backstage scene was pretty cool, but like most WWE content these days, it just felt so convenient and staged. Nothing feels organic or raw.

Curious of your thoughts: what is more likely to happen, Kawhi Leonard resigns with the Raptors or AEW draws over 1 million viewers on TV before the end of the year?

Jay from Colorado.

For the last two weeks I’ve been watching Raw through highlight clips on Reddit, which are generally posted within minutes, and it’s made a huge difference. That along with your reviews make Raw and SmackDown tolerable.

Raw definitely seems to be improving little by little. The highlights for my were seeing Ricochet actually used correctly, and some continued build of Brat Wyatt. Also it appeared Dana Brooke took a bad hit at Main Event, hope she’s doing ok as she’s gotten bad break after bad break, she’s a underutilized talent.

By the way, I found a free app on my TV that has a 24/7 streaming Impact and AAA channels. It’s called Pluto TV, and it’s helped filled the void that cancelling the network has left. I highly recommend it.


My dearest Rafael Araújo‘s

What a joyous day in the 6 calou calay hope you lads enjoyed the parade. Hope you seized the day because the future could be bleak. Will Masai take The Godfather offer and go to Washington for $10 mill a year and part ownership stake? Will Kawhi go to LA? Who knows what the future holds. To raw I enjoyed it very much. It was paced well, not a lot of talking and lots of wrestling and wild card nonsense. Great go home show to a ppv/Network special.


-did you guys hang out with Fauxwai at the parade today? Also John did you give Kawhi his house warming plant

-Not letting Mox work the G1 Texas show a coincidence or AEW flexing their muscles

-was the fall by Aeroluchastar the worst fall you have ever seen in pro wrestling or was it the choke slam in ecw?

-shouldn’t Ronnie Garvin be the mascot for stomping grounds or Lugz? Or lugar?

August 11th is near I’m out of here peace

Not sure if I’m just in a good mood or what but I enjoyed that episode of Raw?? It felt like a cohesive show. Some guys got used that haven’t been used in a while. Not sure I’m more sold ON stomping ground. But I did dig this show. 7/10

I can’t believe I’m going to say this but I really enjoyed this episode. When I saw there was no 20 mn opening segment I thought : this is different. As previously said the pace was much much better with new faces, very nice segments. Daniel Bryan vs Seth Rollins as a main event is solid. 7.5/10