FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 6/18/18

Leave us your brief feedback and questions from Monday’s Raw in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

On Rewind-A-Raw, we will review Raw, chat the G1 news, the NXT UK announcement - and then we will have a bonus show for members of the POST Wrestling Cafe with reviews of Total Bellas and the WWE ‘24’ special on The Hardys.


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Chris from Virginia

I loved the opening of Raw. This is the Ronda Rousey I want to see and it develops her character more: Do not pick on Ronda Rousey, ripe or unripe. I also liked the IC Title match (and was shocked by the title switch). The problem is that the rest of the show was somewhat forgettable in comparison, especially the 3rd-4th reboot to the Banks-Bayley feud. I’m giving the show a 6 as the first hour was well done. My question to you guys is “Who do you think will ultimately face Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam?” Braun was seemingly that guy after last night, but tonight’s show seems to make Strowman just waiting for whenever Lesnar shows up period.

Sean from Toronto

I admit the first thing that entered my mind when Ronda Rousey was suspended for 30 days was “will she be back before Raw in Toronto,” before realizing that the Toronto Raw is at the END of August. Either way I liked that opening segment and it is probably smart to put the feud with Alexia Bliss on the backburner.

Probably the biggest thing that stood out for me on the rest of the show was oddly the unexpected appearance and win by Mojo Rawley, who I almost forgot was on Raw. That and the fact that it was probably not the best idea to have Baron Corbin wrestle (and sweat in) a dress shirt and vest.

Jesse from the 6

I mostly enjoyed MITB last night so I decided to give Raw a chance tonight.
After I saw Dolph Ziggler holding the IC Title aloft, I determined that I had made the wrong decision and switched it off. Who the fuck could actually care about Dolph Fucking Ziggler? Rollins was one of the few characters the WWE has that is actually connecting to with the audience. Idiots.

But last night combined with what I watched tonight did lead me to one conclusion: you guys are not exaggerating about Coachman. It’s like he’s never seen a pro wrestling show before. He lacks basic knowledge of what the product is and talks over the obvious big points in matches. He is Art Donovan levels bad but without the bemused comedic value.

Take Care

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Mark from Vaughan

Those awkward segments with Ronda earlier in the year feel like eons ago. She’s been hitting at around 90% since the build to Mania and I’m loving the rebellious presentation similar to Stone Cold.

Question: Do you think there’s anyone that could be in the Extreme Rules match that would be a better opponent for Brock at SummerSlam than Braun? I really don’t think he needed the briefcase. Are we headed toward a triple threat match?

Jay from Colorado

Overall I’m really happy with the direction of Raw last night and tonight. Rhonda Rousey has far exceeded my expectations and my 2017 self would be shocked that my 2018 self is excited about Dolph Ziggler. Just get that title off of Brock and I will be a happy camper.

One of my downsides though is the use or misuse of the broken universe. It seems like the only time we get any hint of the broken universe outside of Matt Hardy is during the Hardy/Wyatt intros where Cole complains about the harassment he recieves from the various members of the broken universe. Most casual fans aren’t going to look to Michael Cole’s twitter feed for answers. They need to bring in more broken universe stuff, even if its only thirty second vignettes. Also dressing up Bo Dallas to look like Bray Wyatt was a mistake. The two of them look way too similar and it probably confused fans. They could be brothers!


Enjoyed the first hour Raw but definitely hit a major wall by the final hour. They haven’t had a meaningful main event segment in weeks it feels like and I wonder if that’s by design.

I suspect Ambrose may come back to help Rollins vs Dolph/Drew. Did you see that tweet by Drew over the weekend? It made me like his new edge that much more calling out the locker room.

Matt from Melbourne.

First time Post Wrestling forum post.

What a good showing by Ronda on Raw, followed up by her great performance last night. First time in a while I’m actually excited about anything on the main roster.

Her presence and star power cannot be denied.

Just keep her off the mic as much as possible…

Surprised Rollins dropped the title but excited to see where they go with the Ziggler / McIntyre alliance.

Overall a slightly above average Raw.

Thanks to John and Wai for all you do and I will try to be more active on the forum in the future.


Louis from Long Beach.

The opening segment was tremendous, that’s how you book Rhonda, very few words all action. Outside of that the part of this Raw I enjoyed the most was watching the 14th chapter in the Sasha Bailey feud just so I can hear John talk about how much he hates it.