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  • Normally, i’d roll my eyes at a bait and switch but Finn jumping Seth put a ton of heat on him and added some personal stakes. As far as tomorrow’s title match v Bron Breakker goes…I got Ilja getting his receipt for the week before.

  • I didn’t get Gargano appearing in his hometown but Ciampa showing up was the next best thing and it tied up the loose end of that odd couple pairing with Miz last year

  • Once again, the roadrunner (Trish) eludes the coyote (Becky). Unless something happens on Friday…the women’s MITB is Becky Lynch vs The World

  • I can see Ricochet v Logan Paul getting spun out of MITB.

  • It’s cool to see the Maxine/Alpha Academy tug of war for Otis get dropped. They’re clicking as a unit and turning them all babyface is a good move.

  • Despite getting ample screen-time, Rhea needs a feud to sink in to and quick. That said, the six-man main event was a lot of fun.

Rhea vs Becky is probably the ultimate destination. Interesting match ups on the way as well for her