FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 6/20/22

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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Hey long time no talk hope all is well. If you don’t know who I am or why I’m here then you lost the plot. It’s me it’s me it’s B FRM NJ. I know self indulgent on my end no doubt but I’m just keepin it a buck. Anywho RAW both men and women worked hard tonight great effort by the squads. My question did Vince die years ago and that who walked in the ring was really an NFT of Vince?


-Wai and Kate have you caught up on this seasons The Boys been absolutely tremendous. Karen Fukuhara prob my fav actress in the show.

-should Richard Holiday be on TV? Great performer on MLW

I’m out of here peace

Alexander from Portland’s brother, Austin from Portland

Tonight’s RAW felt mostly like a leftovers show. Leftover Lashley/Theory pose down from last week, leftover Street Profits/Usos match from last week; even the announced Becky/Asuka match was leftovers from the opening five-way. That said, what was fresh on this show really connected. Styles and Ciampa put on a good TV match, Riddle continues to be one of the best babyfaces in the WWE (even in a loss), and the Elias segment was quite fun. McMahon’s appearance was incredibly forgettable, except for one part. McMahon mentioned tonight was episode 1,517 of Monday Night RAW, meaning that more than 1/3 of all RAW episodes have been three hours. Highlight of tonight was Veer. It seems like he has so much of what WWE is looking for: size, power, look, and his mic skills aren’t bad. I hope there’s something in store for him for SummerSlam, he deserves it.

PS always nice to hear from Kate