FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 6/22/20

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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Paul from New Jersey

First before anything else, Nattie has really poor time management skills as it pertains to interviews. I don’t know about you guys, but this show seemed like a march & a half. Not terribly interested in Ziggler/McIntyre or Charlotte/Nia, however both did tell solid stories so I have to give them that. Perhaps an irrational thought, but after everything that has come out the past few days, I really didn’t need to see Angel try to Mack it to Charly.Just fast forward through anything Seth Rollins. I just can’t stand him as this character. Like little Ralph Wiggum, you could pinpoint the exact moment my heart broke when the IIconic’s lost in weird fashion. What the hell was that? Happy birthday Billie Kay.

Andrew from Cape Breton

Raw was ok tonight. Any bad on Raw I think I can put into perspective. As much as I hate the Akira Tozawa gimmick, it’s probably the 60th worst thing to happen in pro wrestling this week, so in reality, it was fine. I’ll be more positive. There are some good things going on with Raw. The Orton/Edge feud and all the moving parts attached to it are great, the build between Bayley and Sasha is great, I like WWE re-establishing Lana as a manager and the return of managers in general with MVP and Zelina Vega leading the pack. I hope someone like Malcolm Bivens gets the call to start recruiting guys too. The stuff with Rollins and Mysterio is also pretty good and I can see Rollins maybe bringing in another person to help him even the odds if Dominick sticks around. Anyway, I hope things get better in wrestling. 6 out of 10 show.

Eric from Miami

Not excited about Dolph getting a title shot. The twitter account Wrestle votes put a screenshot of Orton vs Big Show at Extreme Rules 2013 that show had 4 future AEW talents (Cody, Jericho, Mox, and Hager). You could see the Sasha call out coming but I thought she was effective, The Edge promo was good… The first part of it but it just kept going.

Tonight we learned Edge and Christian’s friendship is as old as John and Wai. This feud. That Cowboy Bob line was gross. In my head, he’s home watching RAW, with the cast still on.
Never have consistently great promos made me not want to see a match. I’m done with these 2. So often on Edge and Christian’s podcast they talked about who they wanted to face if they ever got the chance to come back. I understand wanting to be with someone who they feel safe with, even though Edge got hurt anyway, although it was probably nobody’s fault. But, whenever Edge comes back, it’s time to take the training wheels off. I’d rather see Diaz/McGregor 3 before Edge & Orton 2020 Part 3. MVP and Lashley together are gold on the other hand, and Sasha/Asuka sounds fresh and exciting. The tag team champs both having “dos straps” could be cool. Do you guys think they go that way, or does Bayley cost Sasha leading to them facing off at SummerSlam for the title?

Nick from Lansing

I want to see if I have this right, Seth blinding Rey is bad, but Rey, Dom and everyone else trying to blind Seth is ok because “eye for an eye?”
So I guess it’s still bad that Seth almost blinded Dom because he did lose his to make it eye for an eye for an eye? Confusing but I guess everyone’s moral alignments are where they need to be.

Thanks for all the incredible work that’s proven to be as much of a distraction as anything and huge shout out to all the women and men speaking out to make wrestling a better industry