FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 6/25/18

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Chris from Virginia

After watching the UK Championship tournament earlier today, Raw was like having a salad after already having the main course and dessert. Raw felt excessive after what I already experienced on the UK show today, especially that great six man tag with British Strong Style and The Undisputed Era. The first two hours felt like filler. Lashley and Reigns are still fighting for Lesnar’s attention. The Revival are still afterthoughts. The Authors of Pain still have no direction but at least are back on TV. I liked how the women had the second hour mostly to themselves, but Alexa has become overexposed and boring on the mic. And I’m beyond caring for Sasha and Bayley. But I felt like the tag team match and the Ziggler/Rollins match in the third hour helped put the show to a 5. WWE obviously keeps trying to sprinkle some Rollins-dust (as Bruce Prichard might say) on Reigns to help get him over with the audience. Raw was not a great overall show, but it had good moments.

Brian from MN

It started out slow and I thought it was going to be “another one of those nights” but it picked up in the second hour and what brought me back in was Bayley beating on Sasha. I’ve been a huge Bayley fan for years and have been waiting for something like this from her since their feud began. The crowd was definitely behind her as well. However, I am not too sure where the “counseling” angle is gonna go. I hope they don’t ruin the feud again. The Braun / KO stuff was amusing and the main event was a fun match.

Chris from Melbourne, Australia.

Yes I’m back re-watching WWE, it’s like a drug that I can’t give up.

So after 6 months of on/off feuding we see the natural babyface, Bayley, just turned heel on the natural heel, Sasha Banks, who is now a babyface. But instead of a 1-on-1 match we get a mandatory counselling session. This feud can’t end soon enough.

On a side note I decided to purchase a ticket for WWE Super Show-Down at the MCG, while I didn’t purchase the extravagance AU$3,568.25 for ringside, I’m just exited to be going (even if it is going to be just like the Greatest Royal Rumble but with women).

Mark from Vaughan

On the main roster, up is down and down is up so of course the only way to salvage something of Bayley after damaging her character is to go heel against Sasha, who is the more natural heel but hasn’t been one since being called up.

Question: Why do you think WWE is so hesitant to try a different approach with Roman after so many years? In the worst case scenario, turning him still results in a split crowd but at least the stories make more sense. Isn’t it time now when people are turning against matches? Making noise doesn’t mean anything if it’s not directed at the match itself but the idea BEHIND the match. We shouldn’t be cheering and booing creative.

Jay from Colorado

Even though I understand that it comes with the territory of being a wrestling fan, sometimes it is extremely difficult to suspend disbelief for this show. Is there a kayfabe reason why wrestlers can just walk around destroying the property of their peers and the company? The guy who had his camera destroyed look mildly annoyed. It’s hard to see the riot squad as riotous when Braun Strowman is flipping cars.

And it’s not like it was Kevin Owens actual car, it was a rental! Maybe he didn’t get renters insurance? And why the hell do they have a valet? And why is does that valet have his own cameraman? One has to assume this poor cameraman is forever stationed with the valet during every show just in case something happens. He must have felt so vindicated tonight for the last decade or so of uneventful valet spots, it was his chance to shine.

Overall Raw was a strong Meh of a Raw but an improvement overall. 5/10

Matt from Melbourne

A mostly skipable Raw this week.

The Bayley / Sasha beat down was decent but they will probably kill any momentum they gained this week with a terrible counseling skit next week.

Question: What type of extreme rules match would be fitting for the never ending Bayley Sasha feud?

Brandon from Oshawa

I didnt find this too bad. I purposely went out to the gym later, so I could come home and fast forward most of the show, but I ended up watching quite a bit. I’m happy to see the Lashley that we should have been seeing from the start. I loved the stuff with Strowman & Owens and I hope it continues for a while. I’d like to see them win the tag titles. Bayley showed some nice fire, it was the best we’ve seen of her in ages and it looks like Drew Mcintyre is on the verge of breaking into the main event. Combine that with Jason Jordan & Dean Ambrose returning hopefully soon and things should feel a lot fresher on Raw.

Question…do you guys remember “Shaker Fries” from Mcdonalds in the early 90’s? I dont remember if that was the name of them, but basically they gave you fries in a paper bag and you got a seasoning with it, such as ketchup or sour cream & onion. I was thinking of those after thinking about McPizza and wondered if anyone else remembered them too.

Dave from Sydney

Some good stuff but some really bad stuff.

Sasha/Bayley getting forced into a tag match had me wanting to pull my hair out but the end of match beat down was great. Sadly I can see Bayley going full emo and joining the Riottt Squad.

The build to the ending of the main event was the biggest let down in a long time. Why have Roman come down is baffling.

Opening segment was up and down like the whole show, hey here’s a good promo from Bob Lashley and now here’s a lame announcement that Brocks contract won’t allow the match at extreme rules. So puzzling. At least the UK show was fantastic

This was a fun show!- haters gonna hate