FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 6/3/19

What did you think of Raw?

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Paul from New Jersey

The iconic’s lose yet again. Oh well, perhaps maybe this is at least building to them taking on Alexa and Nikki at Stomping Ground. I like the dynamic between Cross and Bliss. Perhaps I’m giving WWE the benefit of the doubt. Pinning your champions week in and week out while not building to anything would seem to be pretty stupid, wouldn’t it?

I got to about 1030 and I had to tap out. Too much building to a show on Friday rgat I’m not going to watch. Even if it wasn’t the Saudi Arabia bloodmoney show, why would I ever need to see Hunter and Orton square off ever again? Why would I need to see Goldberg and Undertaker at this point? I know the answer is money from the Saudi Arabian government so I digress.

Question, Renee Young referred to Miss Evans and Charlotte having identical physiques and stamina. Do you think we will hear a tale of Naitching in Georgia which brought us the birth of Lacey Evans?

tonight felt like a show about nothing.

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Alexander from Portland

RAW has felt incredibly repetitive lately. Another Cesaro/Ricochet match. Becky feuding with Charlotte and Lacey Evans, same as before Money in the Bank. We had Joe and Mysterio feud on Smackdown before Mania, now they’re doing it on RAW. Another week with Reigns on RAW. Not to mention Lesnar. He was supposed to state who he was cashing in on weeks ago, and he didn’t that night. Last week he was supposed to announce when he was cashing in, he didn’t. Tonight he was actually supposed to cash in, and he didn’t. To me this doesn’t bring heat on Lesnar but instead on the company for destroying our expectations. How am I supposed to think Lesnar will cash in Friday when his recent planned actions didn’t happen?

Question: Ring of Honor was in Portland last night, and while I had tickets I chose not to go. After the show ended the biggest note from the show was the fan interaction, not any of the matches or results. My question, where are your interest levels of Ring of Honor? How excited are you to watch the product compared to NXT or Impact?

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Andrew from Cape Breton

I thought the show wasn’t too bad tonight. The opening match was pretty hot and better then the usual foray of 6 man tag matches. I think Nikki Cross will become one of the biggest babyfaces WWE has and while it was a repeat match, I thought Cesaro and Ricochet continue to impress. The highlight of the night was the Firefly Funhouse segments. Gifs of the devil Vince puppet will likely pop up every time some of Vince’s “good shit” gets onto the show. I will be missing the Super Showdown show but look forward to the review of it. As someone on my twitter said to me, the only Wrestlemania this show will be the equivalent to is Wrestlemania 9. 6 out of 10 show.

Jay from Colorado

The hightlight of the night for me was most definitely the production guy who got caught in the live shot of the garage when they were waiting for Brock Lesner’s arrival. He was so panicked, and it made for a refreshing and rare unscripted moment. The show needs more of that.

As a side note I cancelled my network subscription and noted in the cancellation that it was in part because of the Saudi Arabia none sense. This morning I got an email from the WWE that said “We want you back!” I opened it and it was an advertisement for the Saudi show. I’m pretty sure the WWE is just trolling everyone now.

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Huge mistake! The show is going to be as good or better than Wrestlemania!:joy: