FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 6/4/18

Leave your questions and feedback here for Rewind-A-Raw.


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Jay from Colorado.

I promised myself I would not shit all over Raw this week and try to find a silver lining, so here it is. At one point during Raw I left the room for about fifteen minutes, and came back during the tag team turmoil match during a Rhino/Bo Dallas sequence. I had a beautiful moment where I legitimately thought Rhino was was fighting a younger version of himself from 20 years ago. That was pretty cool.

On a non-WWE related note I got to see Joey Ryan wrestle live for the first time last Friday at Lucha Libre & Laughs in Denver. The dick flip is every bit as magnificent live and in person as I dreamt it would be. The look of confusion on my wife’s face during the sequence was as priceless as the dick flip itself. Highly reccomended.

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Mark from Vaughan

Vince must have personally written Ronda’s lame line about her husband and being ripe because they made sure it was repeated again after the commercial when it wasn’t clear before the break. Was surprised the announcers made a HIPAA reference too.

Question: In what percentile would Baron Corbin have placed for you if you had to rank the guys best suited to this “constable” role? The “Lone Wolf” is now part of the administration?

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Dubs here,
Sami Zayn was the only highlight for me tonight. Sure it was terrible and no doubt will continue to be. Buut sami is just a little too good to hate no matter the content, i was so impressed with his conviction it was hilarious…im not sure what was going on out there as this raw was almost exclusively back ground noise but glad i caught this talent of a man.

What was the deal with the Roman jinder skype promo?
That hardywyatt mash up?
Realizing it was otunga on commentary was a brutal moment too.

3.5 ‘love the grams’ out of 28.

Jonathan from Richmond, VA

$265 million a year. That’s what NBC valued this show. I wonder how much they give good programming.

I don’t know if it’s the early summer malaise, or if they just don’t care about the writing due to TV negotiations, but they need to fix it before they alienate their entire audience.

Bad talking segments, bad acting segments, bad matches…the Rusev/Lana Xfinity ad may have been the best part of the evening.

Question: Do you think Alexa and Nattie could be replaced in the Money In The Bank matches by, say, Bayley and Ruby Riott, or do you think they’re attempting to add unnecessary drama to the match? I’m thinking they’re keeping Nattie close to Ronda and Alexa might still be recovering from her “enhancement surgery.”

0 Constables out of 10

Brandon from Oshawa

So…someone in uncreative actually came up with the idea, of a jobber vs even bigger jobber, with tacos on the floor, all so Baron Corbin could come out and lead to this terrible “constable” crap? I’ve actually been sitting here at my computer now for several minutes, trying to think of what else to write, but its not even worth it. I feel bad that you guys have to put up with this shit.

They used to have their catchy little “Get the F out” slogan, they need to start thinking of a new one to get the E out, because there is no more “entertainment”, at least not on Raw.

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Raw was really bad tonight instead of shitting on it I’m gonna make a prediction about Smackdown tomorrow. I think the untold truth about Asuka is that Carmella actually beat her in NXT in a battle royal so she can state she beat Charlotte Flair and Asuka

Saeed from Vancouver

Other than the main event… Raw was pretty bad.

Road Dogg moving to Raw really made it unwatchable at this point.

Will only be watching Smackdown moving forward.