FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 6/6/22

What did you think of Raw?

Alexander from Portland

RAW needs a big babyface and I thought it could have been Seth, but now it looks like it’ll be Edge. I don’t mind Edge turning babyface but I hope this is officially the end of The Judgement Day. Damien/Rhea/Finn can still be a unit but The Judgement Day gimmick feels unnecessary if Edge isn’t attached. I’m curious how many times this show’s script was torn up and rewritten to get Dana Brooke defending the 24/7 Championship by pinning Becky Lynch in the ring. Cody refusing the stretcher was a good moment but Dana Brooke was chilling in the ring as it was happening and it really distracted me. Highlight of the night was Kevin Owens. RAW is in need of top babyfaces and KO always feels like he can be easily heated to be in that role.