FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 6/8/20

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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Paul from New Jersey

Asuka was advertise to take on Charlotte, so the two of them tagging in the triple threat made a lot of sense. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing the IIconic’s, who looked especially crisp, but this didn’t matter at all. This Rollins/Mysterio feud is dead in the water for me & Edge/Orton is cringe comedy at this point. I want to hear the Revival shoot on these Viking Raider/Street Profit segments. Just skip. When we eventually did get the Charlotte/Asuka match, it was only a matter of time before Nia Jax was going to interfere ending a 30 minute match. Credit for furthering two separate story lines in the Main event, but aside from MVP & the WWE title build, the show was lackluster. 4 performance center trainee plants out of 10.

Erin from Brampton

Hey John and Wai! Long time listener, first time poster. I look forward to your shows every week, and they’ve gotten me through some tough times. Keep up the great work!

I actually enjoyed Raw tonight, but one thing really bothered me and that was the camera cuts during the Edge and Christian promo. I’m sure you guys noticed it. For a show that’s pretaped, how did they allow this? I’m sure WWE knows their camera cuts get criticized, and I’m shocked they do nothing to limit those. It’s the same thing that ruined the Cole vs Dream match from Takeover.

On a different note, what your thoughts are on Tony Khan replying to Linda Hogan’s racist tweet? While I have no issue with him banning Linda from AEW shows, does it make him a hypocrite because Jericho and Hager are on the roster? Those two have shown to have some questionable beliefs (all lives matter, liking/retweeting transphobic and homophobic remarks), but still hold prominent spots in AEW.

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mondocurry from the Bronx

Hey John and Wai,

I did not watch RAW super closely, but I gave it a 7 based solely on the women’s segments that bookended the show. All of the talent involved accomplished something. Nobody was made to look like a dope. It was a really good main event and I had forgotten all about Nia Jax til her involvement at the end.

Between tonight’s RAW and Smackdown this past Friday, female talent looked strong and were placed in the main event spots. It made me wonder if there was a recent change in creative because the division was being handled terribly not too long ago.

At a time where the company is making a lot of questionable moves, this is…something.

Black Lives Matter.

Wai you are a GRAPPL app user as am I, so this time next week what do you think will be the average rating for the greatest wrestling match ever between Edge and Randy Orton? John I won’t leave you out, so question for you the match between the two at wrestlemania went 36 minutes and 35 seconds . Do you think the match goes longer or shorter?