FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 7/16/18

Post your feedback, comments & questions following tonight’s Raw from Buffalo.


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I don’t get it. They announce at the PPV “if Lesnar doesn’t show up at RAW, he will forfeit the title”. Then Lesnar no shows tonight only to have Angle allow him to keep the title and defend at Summerslam. What’s the point?
Also, we all knew Reigns would win his match. But I really thought we’d see Rollins win his match for a Reigns v Rollins match next week on the hopes Rollins would win to set up a Lesnar v Rollins Summerslam match. But Lashley won… So now we’ll just see another Reigns v Lashley match? I don’t understand why I watch this shit anymore. 2 / 10

Brandon from Oshawa

Is this the best Dolph Ziggler we’ve seen, since he cashed in the MITB? I thought he cut a good promo tonight and was so glad he beat that geek, Bobby Roode. I didnt think he could come back from how low he was on the roster, but he’s having a career resurgence right now and I hope he’s in for a long title reign. This is a great team with Mcintyre and I’d love for them to have some more guys with them and try and heat up some others that arent doing that great. I think a Tyler Breeze would fit in perfect with them, if they made him a more serious character.

The rest of the show was a mixed bag. I enjoyed the triple threats, but I’m not happy with Reigns/Lashley again. It smells of a triple threat Universal title setup and I wish they just had the balls to have someone beat Brock and get this lame title reign over with. And how much worse can this Bayley/Sasha feud get? Now Sasha is in love with Bayley? They just need to end this crap already.

I watched the new Robin Williams documentary on HBO so I only caught the last hour. Main event seemed good, but predictable, but after all the Roman booking I’m very okay with Lashley and won’t complain too much.

I didn’t think Raw was too bad albeit very predictable. You knew Heyman would show up for Brock and knowing Reigns and Lashley were probably winning sucked but I thought both matches were passable.

I’m also more than done than I was before with Sasha-Bayley. At first I thought Kurt’s suggestion of moving one to Smackdown was absurd from a logic standpoint - you’ve got two good wrestlers that really want to fight in what was at one point a money match and your logic is to not let that happen - but it might actually be the best thing that could happen to either of these two. It could even work both ways, especially if they swap for somebody good on SDL that’s currently floundering like Becky or maybe Naomi.

Lastly, why is it that Ronda Rousey can hop a barricade to grope Alexa and be rewarded a title shot whereas if I did it I’m considered a “criminal” and immediately arrested? Damn WWE Logic strikes again…Have a good night guys! -Colby B.

Matt from Melbourne

It’s only been a few short months but Ronda already feels like the biggest star on Raw. I really hope they can find the right balance in not overexposing her so she continues to feel special.

Nothing tonight has me excited about Summerslam. Especially not the prospect of Reigns vs Lesnar AGAIN!!

Noah from Vaughan

I honestly can say that I am officially lost when it comes to this company, Roman shouldn’t be anywhere near the title at this point as he’s lost to Lesnar multiple times and lost to Lashley last night. Also, why would Bayley care if one of them gets teased to smackdown when this whole feud has been about them not wanting to get along in spite of Kurt.

Seriously questioning my weekly habit of watching Raw, at least the g1 has been awesome so far, I wonder if WWE would ever consider doing a g1 style tournament

Walter from Texas

Why does WWE avoid arresting Rhonda ala Stone Cold in the Attitude era to intensify the suspension angle?
Does not having a female foil like Austin had McMahon deter from going down that route?

Thought the 2 three ways should have yielded that Summer Slam 2016 match between Rollins & Balor. Either one would make an interesting challenge to Brock. With that said does it make more sense for Lashley to win vs Reigns and have him almost beat Brock and then have the Reigns/Lesnar on the post summerslam match or have Reigns win and challenge at Summerslam beat Lesnar and have Braun cash in on Roman?

Love the G1 coverage and everything on the site overall. Finally pulled the trigger on the patreon and am glad that I did. Best and most consistent out there, keep up the good work!!

Mark from Vaughan

I went into Raw expecting to see the gears start turning for SummerSlam and while we got some of that, it was frustrating to end up with the same #1 contender match we just had in unofficial form last night with a decisive winner. Are they really just going to keep doing this with Roman forever without ever trying something different just for storytelling purposes?

Question: Do you think Brock beats Lashley at SummerSlam before dropping the title to Braun the next night? It’d be memorable but also make years of the Roman builds meaningless. I wish they’d pick Rollins for the spot as a super over babyface who has been on fire all year. I think the reaction to him beating Brock would be electric.

Man guys this constable corbin thing is just grinding. do we even have confirmation the all mighty steph acknowledges his constable-ness? Is steph the only person kurt isnt texting??

but i do miss steph, if we must have the authority role…at least she kills it on the explanation of whos in a match, when a match takes place, where it takes place, what the match is for etc etc

Question. With kurt evading being fired for this long already when and how do you think this role ends? Does he fight hunter? Steph?? Does he trade his own ‘wrestlers contract’ to smackdown?? Does jason jordan convince angle to let him run raw instead???

Tommy from Scotland

Ugh. That is all.

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Baks from Bangor, ME
Hey guys, thought tonights Raw was meh but I mainly wanted to discuss my feelings about Hulk Hogan being brought back. As a black man I find it appalling that certain people are ok with him being back in the fold with the company. This man is a con artist and has shown throughout the years how disingenuous he is, so the fact that people are forgiving so easily disgust me. Racism is racism and I have a hard time believing in the 3 years he’s been gone he’s changed because he’s shown me nothing to prove it. The day I see them make the New Day, Titus, or any black superstar as a shill to put him over on TV is when im done being a fan of this company.


When #UnderSeige2ElectricBugaloo comes in November, I hope to remember to play that clip of Kurt Angle “threading” to send either Bailey or Sasha to SmackDown while at the same time Kurt is “rallying the troops” in a moment of solidarity.

And also. If two people are NOT getting alone, why force them to team up? There’s no woman’s tag division, what’s the point?

Ember Moon lost her first singles match on the main roster. Mean’s nothing.