FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 7/18/22

What did you think of WWE Raw?

Tenese from GA

You know the allegations are getting to Vince when they send out Titus to hype up their product. I know they have another woman to have a meaningless match with Bianca. I know they have another man to have a meaningless match with Seth, sensing a pattern. It’s hard to take Paul as a babyface because he has sleaze written all over him, ala Art Barr. More important than anything on this meh show is Jeff Jarrett, the smartest man in wrestling? Take care, good people.

Marques from Tampa

I attended the show tonight. Man, that Titus opening promo was weird. It feels like they’re laying down cover fire for whatever story comes out about Vince McMahon next. Felt like an average Raw. Wrestling was good but there’s something keeping me from being hooked in completely, even at a live show. Crowd was really into the Women’s title match and I enjoyed it as well. I don’t know if it’s only me, but is Omos finally getting better? Seems like the match tonight played more to his strengths. I guess Alexa is part of thee 24/7 crew now, huh. Also the post show main event was Riddle pinning Rollins to send the crowd home