FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 7/19/21

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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Tonight was the first time I’ve stayed up til 4am uk time to watch Raw in a long time. It started so well with a great John Cena promo and a bro-off with Riddle.
And from there on this was like almost every other Raw I’ve seen for the past year but it will be glossed by some as exciting due to the return of fans, appearance of Cena, Goldberg, a returning Keith Lee, who was squashed by Lashley. And by far the most outrageous creative of the night for me was Karrion Kross debut. They gave him no chance to get over on his own with the generic entrance and killed him dead by having the “babyface” Jeff Hardy CHEAT to give Kross his first loss in WWE. Just why?
And to round off the evening we have a baby face aspiring super hero cashing in on a beaten down champion. So inspiring. For such an anticipated show, it was desperately poor.

Paul from New Jersey

Kross debuts just to lose to a guy who jobs regularly. Keith Lee returns just to get smashed. I don’t understand wrestling anymore. I don’t get it. This was a terrible show. Happy for Nikki. 3.

Noah From Vaughan


  • Somehow I managed to watch ALL 3 hours of raw live (something I have not been able to do for a long time)
  • John Cena was entertaining in the opening segment


  • Raw was back to normal, and by normal I mean abysmal.
  • So many damn rematches and they managed to somehow kill a very hot Texas crowd with some of the most boring matches I can recall seeing
  • Hardy/Kross and Keith Lee/Lashley matches were both so perplexing, I gotta feel bad for Triple H, all the work they spent on those two guys have amounted to nothing on the main roster
  • I really like Nikki Cross, but this gimmick is not Championship material at all in my opinion, another 24 hour title reign for charlotte was so stupid, like why would I be impressed at her being an 11 time champion when her longest reign is just 147 days and heres an actual fact: Charlotte’s last four main roster singles title reigns have lasted a total of 19 days. Not average, total.

Terrible show 3/10

First full show I’ve watched in 2 years

It’s the same old shit with slightly more impressive names than Pandemic Era

Nikki A.S.H. for the win


Erin from Brampton

It’s been a while since I’ve watched a full 3 hours of Raw, but tonight’s episode felt special. I can see how some people might not be happy with certain booking decisions (Lee, and Kross losing) but I was pretty entertained tonight. It felt like a Raw after Mania with all the returns, debuts, and surprises.

Speaking of returns, do you guys forsee Bray Wyatt making a return for Summerslam? If so, what feud do you think would be best for him?


Justyn from Atlanta

First time I watched all 3 hours of Raw in quite some time and I regretted most of it. Some decent moments but they were outweighed by baffling booking decisions or matches we have all seen before. Happy to see Keith Lee return and Nikki win the women’s title. Poor timing with an NXT promo airing showing Karrion Kross to be a monster during the commercial break after his loss. 4 Eva Marie trips out of 10.

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I wound up breaking my “skip Raw” rule for one night to see if the momentum from MITB weekend would carry over. In some ways, it didn’t that much of a difference despite a lively Dallas crowd.

It started off on the right foot with Cena addressing his intentions about Roman Reigns without spelling it out. Some of the matches tonight ranged from decent to “do not care”. I did like Keith Lee coming back to face Lashley in his first match back only to get beat…and then came Goldberg. It’s the same song and dance as it was 5 months ago.

Karrion Kross (without Scarlett) showing up was unexpected. I loved Jeff Hardy getting “No More Words” back but Kross losing makes NXT look weak (he’ll need to do the honours before long).

Nikki A.S.H. cashing in to become Raw Women’s Champion was a a surprise ending on a show that needed a mic drop.

Becky watch continues

I can look at this show in two ways:

First, it was clearly built around three “peaks” meant to hook viewers: Cena, Goldberg, and the end, which I think a lot of people expected to be Becky but turned out to be Nicki’s cash-in. The crowd was invested in her tonight so I don’t think there was much disappointment.

Second, it was a hodgepodge of questionable booking decisions connecting the dots. As good a reaction as Keith Lee got, this didn’t feel like a resurrection as much as a one-off. And they’ve already put themselves in the position of having to rehabilitate Kross after one match.

For me, I found the weird booking dominated but I think that a lot of fans will enjoy the star power of Cena and Goldberg.

If Kross leaves NXT without putting someone over. It’ll be unacceptable.