FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 7/2/18

Leave us your feedback & questions for Rewind-A-Raw.

We will be back late tonight with our regular show reviewing Raw

AND - our bonus show for POST Wrestling Café members, covering Total Bellas and anything else we can’t fit onto RAR.


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Terry from Colorado

Well good thing Owens ended up in the portapotty because this angle is shit. Also don’t understand how Roman can be upset w Bob after their match he’s the idiot that doesn’t wanna tag. Pretty crap raw Tonight. To make matters worse watched live so was stuck with no fast forward option. Only saving grace of the long night was bo Dallas mocking bray again.

Chris from Melbourne, Australia.

Firstly a belated happy Canada day! :canada:

Kevin Owens was a top level heel champion on RAW only a few short years ago, now he’s a scared fool who came across more like Big Show at the shows end. Also since when was Sasha added to see Dr. Shelby with Bayley? I don’t remember it being mentioned last week or the recap tonight.

A nice touch having a photo of “Team Hell No!” In Dr. Shelby’s office. But, simply put, this RAW was shit.

Tommy from Scotland

There was pretty big NBA free agent news tonight so got distracted by that. From what I gather I didn’t miss anything and had a much happier night than the people who watched Raw.

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Chris from Virginia

Monday Night Roman was just ok. I call it that because WWE threw a lot of Roman at us tonight. To WWE’s credit, I actually enjoyed the Ziggler/McIntyre vs. Reigns/Rollins match. The crowd response was great from the moment Rollins was tagged in to the moment The Revival got involved. I chuckled at the “We Want Roman, NO WE DON’T” chants from the audience. I’m also glad WWE chose to run with a couple quick pre-taped skits over one prolonged in-ring segment for the Sasha-Bayley counseling session. But this begs the half-hearted question: why isn’t Jinder Mahal helping these two find inner peace? It seemed to work for Kevin Owens. Just kidding: The ending was literally the drizzling ****s. I don’t get Vince’s obsession with poop humor. This show overall was not great. But sadly, I expected worse.

In my actual unrelated question, did either of you check out Ring of Honor’s Best in the World over the weekend? If you did, what did you think?

Andrew from Cape Breton

You gotta give it to Braun. That man has insane cardio. But despite Kevin Owens being stuck in a porta-potty while it was dumped over, the ones covered in shit tonight were Bayley and Sasha. I remember the pop last week, and how insanely over Bayley was. My hope is they can somehow recover from those segments and have something decent in the ring. Then there was Roman Reigns, who was booked to look like an idiot. I think he’d be better off in Bounty land with the Lollipop Candyman then where he is now. Highlight of the show was playing Pokémon Blue while I watched.

Jay from Colorado

I’m convinced who ever invented the DVR was a wrestling fan, because watching this live is absolutely torture. Absolute trash episode from start to finish. The Bayley/Sasha sketch was so cringe worthy I changed the channel and landed on some animal surgery show which by comparison was a very easy watch with compelling and believable twists and a satisfying ending.

I’m not excited about anything going into Extreme Rules. Thanks to both you guys for keeping the reviews interesting.

Mark from Vaughan

WWE’s storytelling beats are tough to get excited about. They operate in a Point A to Point B to Point B to Point B to Point B format. Totally agree with what you said last week about the end of SmackDown feeling fresh just because something HAPPENED. This is painful.

Question: If you had to rank the probability of the following guys headlining against Brock at SummerSlam, what would you choose? Roman, Rollins, Lashley, Braun.

Steve from BC

Tonight’s edition of Raw was god-awful. As soon as the Bayley/Sasha segments started all I could think of was how concerned I was for Wai having to sit through multiple skits of these 2 having to act. And to top it off it seems like we have to sit through more next week.

And can someone please explain to me how Kevin Owens is the heel in this storyline with Braun? For a company that loves to promote themselves as being anti-bullying, it seems very odd to position a babyface like Braun as the bully in this feud.

Nothing redeeming about this episode of Raw and sadly there seems to be no signs of it changing in the coming weeks. I hate to say it but I’m almost at my wits end with Raw and am seriously considering dropping it altogether for a few months until I see a change in direction.


Brandon from Oshawa

I need to apologize to you guys and to all the POST listeners. I’m sorry everyone…I’m sorry for praising this crappy, god awful show last week and actually believing that they were heading in a good direction. This show was an embarrassment. Rematch after rematch after rematch. Clear trolling towards the fans by putting Roman into 2 matches. I’m not even a Roman hater, but there was no need for it. Why is Ronda paying for a front row ticket, if her suspension is over at the PPV? Is she stupid? Thank god for the World Cup providing a good form of drama and entertainment, because watching this garbage makes me want to fall into a coma.

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Ed in SC

Can’t say Raw made me want to watch next week.

Positives: Braun’s cardio is really impressive, Liv Morgan had a nice sell of Ember’s finish, and Bo Wyatt is my favorite Wyatt of all time.

Negatives: Everything else.

Question: Do either of you have a standout Vince “poop humor” prop? Stone Cold with the bedpan comes to mind.

4 out of 10 value packages of baby wipes to wipe that blue fluid off KO.

Matt from Melbun or Mel-bourne? :joy:

Jesus that was horrible.

Today I really feel guilty that you have to watch Raw so we don’t have to!

The G1 tournament can’t come fast enough.

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That awful three hours condensed to 45 dvr minutes was still tough to take tonight.

Question. Are you guys going to Attend the raw/smackdown in Toronto?

Jalen from Pickering,

So let me get this straight. We’re supposed to feel sorry for Reigns for choosing to have 2 matches in 1 night, and choosing to not tag in Lashley when he was hurt, and why? Cuz his ego couldn’t deal with Lashley helping him. This is some mind-boggling booking here folks.

Also what the hell does this company have against the very talented Montreal boys?

Alan from Glasgow, UK

I haven’t watched a full raw in god knows how long, listening to you guys is my wai to keep up to date with what is going on and dipping in to view clips on the web of what has happened. Just wanted to say congratulations on the success of the site and I have been happy to be contributor due to your effort, wit and great content. PS - John, will you start covering more UFC events with post shows? Really enjoyed UFC 225 post show.

Anyway, Raw - Why does Reogns need to be in two matches? Can’t help but think he is beating Lesnar at SS then Strowman cashes in on Reigns. Kevin Owens was the best thing on Raw along with Jericho 18 months ago now he’s being thrown off the stage whilst having a shit.


Tony in South Dakota

Sorry for being several days late! I attended this show and drove 2 1/2 hours both ways on Monday. Since the angles and matches have already been gone over here are some live notes.

There was easily 50-60% more people at this show than at Smackdown in Sioux falls last year. (The one where they never mentioned what town they were in)

Crowd started maybe 50/50 on Roman, but were 80% pro Roman by the end.

I missed the first pre show dark match, 2nd one was Jinder over Zac Ryder.

The WWE promotional package for them and celebrities working together still prominently featured Cass at the Yankee game.

Got upcharged $5 for a 2XL T Shirt. So the fat shaming angle is on me now :grin:

Very limited Merch selection. They were sold out of some sizes before the show. Braun, Elias, Reigns, and Cena were the main selections.

No post show dark match.

4/10 show, 7/10 live experience

Liv Morgon calling herself juvenile made me think of this song.