FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 7/23/18

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On a scale of 10, how do you rate tonight’s WWE Raw?

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Chris from Melbourne, Australia.

While I’m hopeful that the All-Women’s Pay-Per-View, “Evolution”, will do well, their is a part of me that says this is just part good publicity stunt & part make good for the Sadri Arabia show.

During the Sasha Banks & Bayley tag match Coach said just prior to the pinfall quote “You know women ain’t like guys” unquote. This all on the same show where you are putting a spotlight on the entire women’s division across all of WWE. If I were to say this at work I’d be fired.

Remember RAW, Roman Always Wins.


Stephanie McMahon talking in corporate speak sounds insincere, “Then, Now, and Forever”. Raw hasn’t been very good recently.

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Mark from Vaughan

It feels like Braun’s lost some of the organic buzz. He’s cutting promos about Evolution and the recent stunts feel contrived. They want him to be a babyface but WWE is always telling us that once they’ve labeled someone a good guy, ANY actions they take have to be considered good. How exactly has KO deserved any of what happened to him in the past month?

Question: Apologies for this being off-topic but it’s the only venue for G1 feedback. Does anyone buy Jay White in this Switchblade character? The only time it’s ever felt hot was in San Francisco. His push is like having all the steps laid out perfectly for a recipe and you just have 1 ingredient that’s totally off. Gedo has lined everything up but the character doesn’t match the performer.

(I think WH would agree his Nakamura-inspired red gear is pretty awesome)

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Burney from Chicago

I really enjoyed the main event tonight, but I still wish Seth Rollins was in the main event picture. It seems like every time the fans get behind someone that WWE is 6 months late in noticing it.

Quick question, do you think there is anything storyline wise or a gimmick match that can keep the live Summer Slam crowd invested in Lesnar/Reigns?

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With that stip for Owens/Stroman, all Owens needs is for one other person to hit him to get the DQ win. It could last all of 30 seconds and Stroman could never even get his hands on him…too bad Zayn is on the shelf…

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Gordon from Inverkip in Scotland :black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

First time leaving feedback.

Haven’t watched raw in a few weeks and mainly just followed it via post wrestling. However the announcement (although predictable) and also the advertisement of Finn vs Drew made me tune in.

Overall I enjoyed the show much more than I expected I would considering what previous weeks had been like.

The announcement at the start was cheesy but important so had no problems with how it was done and we were reminded about it through out the night as expected. I’m sure this is been closely handled by HHH and expect it to be a great show.

All the matches on the show were good with the Balor/Seth/dolph/drew and the main event standing out.

Noticed that coach decided to only have a word of the night - obviously wasn’t hopeful on getting three out after last week.

I liked the spotlight on Elius and thought it was done well through out the night - had a chuckle at Corey chucking his pen away when they were interrupted.

Kevin Owens got what I expected in a match at SS vs Braun and no doubt he will try and get Braun disqualified to get the briefcase ( I don’t think Braun needs it so it could be interesting to see where they go with this)

Slightly confused as to how drew vs Finn ended giving us Dolph and Seth at SS but I guess it was to be expected, perhaps a fatal 4 way with all four men might make it more interesting than a standard rematch. I think drew especially deserves something at SS other than standing in dolphs corner.

I enjoyed the main even and was slightly surprised to see reigns take the win as I was sure the triple threat route was where they were going. Maybe they were concerned how how much sweat would be in the ring if it was bob vs brock.

This show was by no means a painful 3 hours and I found it passed fairly well even with it finishing after 4 am here.

7.5 evolutions of 10

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Brandon from Oshawa

If Kevin Owens doesnt win the MITB briefcase at Summerslam, he’s going to look like a total fool. I’m hoping he does and saves us from another Reigns/Lesnar match, because who wants to see another dozen kick outs from F5’s and spears. Lashley should have been in that spot to give us something fresh, instead we get the same old shit. What exactly has been the point in wasting money on Brock Lesnar, if you arent going to do something significant with the guy? I’m sorry, but showing up once every few months, especially when you are the champion, doesnt make you special, when its been happening for years. We should have been getting dream matches with this guy, not running the gauntlet with The Shield guys over and over or rematches with John Cena, HHH & The Undertaker.

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Thought it was a half decent raw tonight. I do find it odd that somehow a unique PPV somehow feels less important than tag titles, which I’d still like to see.

If this whole warped storyline winds up with Owens with the MitB, I’ll accept everything we’ve been put through with Braun constantly picking on Owens for no real reason, but every time I’m willing to forgive the WWE for poor booking decisions they tend to double down and disappointment me even further, so I assume Braun retaining.

Not happy with the main event, but I now feel about SummerSlam that I did Mania and then the Greatest Royal Rumble, which is just get it over with already. It’s not the best opinion fans should have over the biggest title in the company, but let’s just finally pull the trigger and be done with it if they’re going to be so blatantly tone deaf, at least make it quick.

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Tommy from Scotland

The opening segment truly was amazing. The women totally deserve it after all their hard work and everything they’ve had to deal with over the years.

KO, Elias and the Finn/Seth tag match were the only other things I enjoyed on the show.

Am I being way too cynical in thinking that it’s not a coincidence that WWE announced the women’s ppv on the same night to soften the blow of Reigns winning.

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Mike from NY

I’ll be brief. I am not excited about Reigns vs Lesnar Part 500. A friend of mine thinks they may have KO win Braun’s briefcase and cash in at Summerslam. I hope not. I don’t want to see Reigns vs KO for the Universal Title. We just had that two years ago. Geez, can this show be any more paint by numbers?

4 Bobby Roode-Mojo Rawley feuds out of 10.

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Jay from Colorado

Gotta be honest, I really can’t stomach the commentary anymore. The show is bad enough but the commentary makes it harder. Coach has brought everyone down in my opinion. After about halfway through the show, I switched over to the SAP (sepaerate audio channel) to listen to the Spanish commentary as my Spanish could use work. That didn’t work so I put the TV on mute I just had Echo play my 90’s playlist. That suddenly made Raw better. Watching Braun toss around Seniel Singh to Porcelain by Moby was a unexpected thing of beauty. And Jon you would appreciate the fact that Cartoon Heroes by Aqua played towards the end of the Lashly/Reigns match, perfect timing. I highly recommend replacing the commentary with a good spotify playlist. It makes a difference.


Rezar with the line of the night. “what could you learn us”? :thinking::thinking:. What feud do you guys see for lashley moving forward?