FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 7/25/22

What did you think of WWE Raw in MSG?

Thumbs in the middle. There are some subtle things, but most of the episode felt as if they’re continuing everything into Summerslam, then we start getting the some of the changes that we might be expecting. When I say subtle, you see some lesser emphasis on scripted stuff, less of the recaps (but still enough to fill a 3 hour show, remember.), and the actual use of the word ‘Blood’ on Raw for the first time in awhile, when Montez got busted open. I expect people tuned in to see what, if any was different, but I feel that might really start next week. That show is one I’m more looking forward to, for WWE programming for the first time in awhile. Also, RIP Theory.
Rich in East Selkirk.

Nothing is going to change a lot until the end of this storyline cycle (SummerSlam). And all of Vince’s production and creative teams are still in place. So for the first little while, HHH’s work will be to steer towards the current destination.

And, even after that… No guarantees that after this current creative cycle what follows will be more “Black & Gold” doctrine, and will likely be aimed at serving the same product.

I do hope that talent is more relaxed and optimistic about the future. I hope commentary has a looser format too.

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Alexander from Portland

Meh. I get that Roman is the #1 guy in the company but does he need two lengthy entrances in one episode? That Logan segment was Paulful, the crowd seemed quite disinterested. Vince may be gone, but jokes about the size of someone’s testicle aren’t. Would you have guessed a year ago that Tomasso Ciampa would be involved in a feud with Logan Paul? Roman and Lesnar are going to have their “final match ever,” can we extend that to the Usos and Street Profits? They put on good matches lately but they’ve been so overplayed over the past month. While I don’t expect big changes on RAW soon, I do hope for a soft reboot. The company is restructuring with Vince gone and I hope the shows get a visual change to mark the Triple H era.

Question: do you think there’s a chance Heyman turns on Roman and re-alligns with Brock at SummerSlam?

They used to say “viscous fluid.”

Spot on about this episode bringing in people who are curious about what’s to come, this is the first I’ve tuned into RAW in a long time. Decent show overall. I thought the Bloodline promo was good. I really liked that Rey/Dominik actually got to win the match and milk the celebration a bit before getting their inevitable beatdown, and enjoyed the main event although as a fan of Riddle from pretty much the moment he started showing up on the indies I’m worried he’s lost to Roman a few too many times at this point.

What I’ve heard from people who keep up with the product is that this episode was fairly in-line with what RAW has been like since Mania but with a couple subtle steps in the right direction and, if that’s the case maybe I’ll tune in some more cause, length aside, I was sports entertained.

Meltzer was saying how there would be changes made, but they would take time. Sounds like they don’t want to do a Russo/Bischoff deal where its a jarring reset which I can understand.


I loved the hard reboot for the Bischoff/Russo era lol I may be alone on that one though


At the time I loved it, but looking back I don’t think It was a good idea. I also think they did it too many times. Didn’t they also do it when Russo first came in with Ed as “the powers that be”?

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