FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 7/26/21

NOTE: No Live Rewind-A-Raw due to tech issues. Leave your written feedback below.

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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Stephen with a V

2/10 show. I can’t wait for Fight For The Fallen

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Giving it a shot again with crowds back as Mondays I like to work late and again Raw is always easy passive viewing.

I’ll give Nikki her due for a nice babyface promo and her genuine excitement to kick off Raw came through. She needs to be put over at Summer Slam if this run is going to elevate her. A loss would make it a joke I feel.

I deemed it unwatchable after the stretch of Drew and Women’s tag and got ready to flip it off But then….the Rematch I didn’t know I was waiting for - literallly because I did not see it advertised until the Up NXT: Keith Lee and Karrion Kross. These two headlined NXT XXX in Lee’s last NXT match when Kross won the title. Pretty noteworthy story. Was tonight’s rematch unannounced (correct me if I’m wrong?).
Now I know NxT and Main Roster are not the same thing but might WWE have befitted from advertising a match that would appeal to their own NxT fans?

And of course, true to 50/50 booking, Kross won.
When Lee beats Hardy in like 2 weeks, let’s have a collective laugh.

BTE feedback: can’t wait for Hangman’s gear reveal Wednesday. For those who missed it Dark Order returned to BTE via blackmailing Brandon Cutler and gifted hangman gear - I feel it will be something of a Brodie Lee tribute. Also Andrade confronting Death Triangle on Dark Elevation was cool. Can’t wait to see where that goes and the ancillary content is really full of Easter eggs for those opting in to checking them out.

Howdy John & Wai! I know WWE loves to give soundbites about how they’re not a “wrestling” company and after RAW tonight I sure as shit can confirm they’re not an entertainment company either. Ha ha! Oh man.

This show sucked a dog’s ass. As always, there was some okay wrestling as filler, but as someone that wants WWE to give me entertainment, there’s barely anything to enjoy on the entertainment side of things. I have to hang out with irritating characters like Nikki ASH who is like an awful school assembly motivational speaker that just won’t leave the gym. Nikki’s dilemma personifies what makes RAW so frustrating. I like Nikki as a person and want her to succeed, but her character is a pathetic doofus that doesn’t even have the common courtesy of being funny or interesting. That’s par for the course on RAW. Odds are if you’re cheering for someone in WWE, it’s because you like them as a person IRL or their character is so pitiful that you want to see that IRL person avoid humiliation on national TV.

So, uh, not my cup of tea. Come back, Raw Underground. All is forgiven.

Also, I loved the GCW Post review. On that note, have you guys caught the new HBO Woodstock 99 doc?

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Noah from vaughan

“I showed myself I almost could have won” has to be the line of the year. I legit laughed out loud when Nikki tried to cut an inspirational promo after getting her ass kicked. Also, what on earth were they thinking booking Lee vs Kross, cause either way it wouldve made someone look super weak 2 weeks in a row. Really excited for Fight for the Fallen on wednesday, FTR vs Santana and Ortiz could be the best tag match of the year if they get a decent amount of time

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Tenese from GA

Hi John and Wai hoping all is well.

So you have fans back in attendance, hot and ready to cheer for anything and start the show with a 20-minute opening? WWE is back baby. It is what it is with OMOS, at least he’s good with basics. They should never deviate from the hot tag formula with him. Why in the world would Drew want to feud with Jinder? I know their friends but everyone is not a star.

Kross may have won but the damage has been done, he’s nothing special. Also, who would’ve thought Shane Taylor would be in better standing in a wrestling company than Keith Lee? Lashley rules and in a perfect world, he should kill Goldberg at Summerslam. Would complain about Charlotte beating Nikki but it doesn’t matter because the endgame is her getting the title back. This was a mediocre Raw.


Just wanted to wish Natalya well after that apparent leg injury tonight. No one ever wants to see a wrestler get hurt, especially when they are given (some kind of) a push.

Nattie is a great worker and I hope her injury isn’t anything too serious.

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Of all the people they could have picked to have Karrion Kross pin for his first big roster win, I think Keith Lee would have been the actual last person on my list. In fact, tonight seemed dominated by people who couldn’t take another loss: Mansoor, Mustafa Ali, T-Bar, Mace, Cedric, Shelton, and even Nikki since all her wins have been so weak.

Crowds like Riddle, which makes him pretty much the lone success story among the newer stars.

With the amount of talent on screen tonight, I feel like it took more work to make a bad show than it would have to make a good one. Didn’t it seem like Raw was improving for a couple of weeks not so long ago? Not anymore, I guess. 2 nasty dripsticks out of ten.