FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 7/27/20

What did you think about WWE Raw?

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Paul from New Jersey

It was 10:06 PM, aside from Randy Orton being interested in the WWE title & Garza/Andrade becoming number one contenders for titles that don’t matter, I can’t tell you anything else of note. I figured at this point, Asuka v. Sasha would be good, but that finish? Pin someone. Pin anyone. Bayley is the best heel in WWE & the Buffalo Blue Jays were victorious today. 2020 is weird. 2.

Noah from Vaughan

Decided to check out raw tonight for one reason, I was really interested in the Sasha - Asuka rematch figuring we’d get a clean finish instead of that wacky ending at the horror show. And it was a fantastic match, I thought even better than their last one however… the ending of that match, I just don’t get it. Why can’t we have a clean ending. Why did the production team decide to put that on the titantron at that moment in the match when theoretically bayley and kairi were brawling the entire time. Another question, earlier in the night randy just decided he wanted a title match and just asked for one meanwhile no less than 10 minutes later I’m watching a triple threat tag match for a title shot, going by their logic. Why couldnt say Alexander and Ricochet ask for a title match. I know I’m overthinking it but you shouldn’t have to turn logic off in order to enjoy this product. Rant over, have a great night guys and thanks for all your hard work! Cheers

The best thing was everyone calling Dominick, Dominick Mysterio.

Also Sasha and Asuka was another great match with a bad finish but its good to see Sasha with the title again. Hopefully she gets to actually win a defense this time.