FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 7/29/19

What did you think of Raw?

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Paul from New Jersey

One of the weirder openings to the show I can recall. I enjoy Carmella, just not when she sings. This Mike and Maria angle gets worse and worse every week. I am curious to see how they get the title
off of her though. Cesaro and Rey put on some of the best wrestling I’ve seen on RAW in a long time.

first DUI offense, you get rewarded with the tagteam championships. Second DUI offense, you get rewarded with a tag team title shot and a long match on prime time. Will the third offense net Jimmy an Intercontinental title shot? I couldn’t enjoy this match. We can complain about storylines and who we want to see get more shine, but this is another level of gross. With no repercussions, I don’t doubt Jimmy gets behind the wheel of a car intoxicated again.

Seth was less cringe this week. but only slightly. Improvement I guess?

Question, I rewound it a couple times and it sounded like Nikki called Becky an arrogant little C word. Maybe it was punk? Didn’t sound like it though.

Does Naomi have heat? With several solid workers out due to injury you think they would have her in the ring more often.


I never want to hear Seth Rollins described as Becky Lynch’s boyfriend again. He’s becoming a corny champion who is second to his significant other. I have no problem that she is The Man in the relationship but he is portrayed as a dweeb doing a catch phrase and goofing around too much. It’s bad I want to see Brock destroy him.

Seth Rollins rant aside. Good episode of Raw in the sense that it featured A LOT of talent: Cesaro, Andrade, heal Sami, Rey, Ricochet, Usos, Revival, OC, Viking Raiders…all had good screen time. Even Cedric. I appreciate that. they are the future - so after a week of the past, nice change of pace. Curious to see if they try more chaotic scenes to just get guys on screen more. It’s cool but I feel like an over reliance makes everyone feel unfocused.

The 24/7 Championship - which was doing well in providing funny bits, was trashed tonight. First, the title is not on the line in a match. WTF. Then a pregnant Maria pins her husband. Now if this was a BTE bit, I have no doubt it would be paid off well. But Maria, pregnant, on Raw…I am not holding my breath.

Sidebar: the WWE should put cameras for Ride Along in the Uso’s car at all times. It would either cause them to NOT drink and drive, or they can at least have a great episode of Ride Along where they get arrested. Let’s be honest, if you aren’t going to punish the guy after several infractions, then just make some questionable content with it. It’s not like they are immune to questionable, non-ethical content.

Andrew from Cape Breton

I liked the show tonight. I know comparisons to the Attitude Era are old and tired at this point, but back in my day kids, we had a guy who literally murdered a guy’s dog and fed it to him. Even after the Attitude Era, we had a guy go around talking about how it wasn’t his fault he made someone have a miscarriage, but made sure to mock that tragedy. Do heels nowadays have such strong morals that they aren’t willing to beat up a pregnant woman for glory? Wrestlers nowadays have become soft. The matches were also pretty good tonight and unless they were doing picture and picture, it seems like they got rid of the nonsensical no wrestling during commercials. The only lowlight was Jimmy Uso being out there and I think something needs to be done with him, at least with him getting help. And did Nikki Cross call Becky Lynch the C-word? I guess you can take the woman out of Scotland, but you can’t take the Scotland out of the woman. 6 out of 10.

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Neal from Northern Ireland

What is going on with Sami Zayn? No 50:50 booking for him — I’m struggling to think of a single win since his return from injury. He was made to look spectacularly bad tonight. Perhaps, for Vince and his inner circle, being politically liberal or anti-Trump on Twitter deserves the sort of punishment that multiple DUIs might warrant in a rational world.

Pretty sure Nikki Cross said “cow” and not that other word in her strong Glasgow accent.

Decent Rollins/Lesnar angle, blood and guts notwithstanding. 6 vaginas (in a PG environment) out of 10.


Jay from Colorado

I saw a picture last week from the Raw Reunion where the Clique and DX were hugging and laughing while Seth Rollins was standing there alone watching. It was dubbed “The Gratitude Era”. And while last week was a blatant example of the WWE not letting go of the past, tonight was a little more subtle but not much. Vagina? Really? By no means I’m not a guy who gets offended easily, but I do get easily offended by shitty comedy. And while the live crowd reacted maybe positivly, I groaned.

I feel like we are going to get a news report tomorrow or Wednesday that Vince frantically rewrote Raw just an hour before the show again. I really hate to sound like a broken record, and I feel like a jerk writing in every week and being so negative, but I just feel like instead of the show progressing it’s regressing.

On a side note, if you guys aren’t watching the Boys, you need to. Best superhero show I’ve seen, and it uses vulgarity to mindfully advance the story lines not for shock value. Seriously you cats will dig it. I guarantee it.

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Joe from Niagara

Well Raw was a lot better than last weeks ridicules reunion. Strange opening to the show, however I like the idea of starting RAW with a match instead of long winded useless promo. I really enjoyed Rey Mysterio vs Cesaro to start the gauntlet match, that’s a program I wouldn’t mine seeing. I thought Becky’s promo on A Moment of Bliss was solid. They need to keep her doing promos like that and far away from Seth Rollins and his cringe worthy promos. Tag Team championship match was also good, happy the OC won the titles (must have been in there new contract agreement). I noticed they went back to commercials during match’s tonight. Have you guys herd anything about that ? I give Raw a 6 Uso DUIs out of 10… see you guys in Toronto at your Q&A