FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 7/30/18

Post your feedback to tonight’s episode of Raw from Miami feat. the return of Brock Lesnar.


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Better raw than we’ve seen the last few weeks. Really liked Roman’s promo. He’s better when he’s aggressive on the mic. Do you think we’ll get a double turn at summer slam have heyman join Roman? Love all the content guys. Really enjoying the g1 podcasts.

Brandon from Oshawa

Why does this company have to make their performers look like idiots? Alexa Bliss wants to get away from Ronda so bad. She doesn’t run up the ramp behind her or through the crowd opening immediately closest to her, she runs all the way to the other side, where Ronda is closest.

Kevin Owens doesn’t just take the briefcase and run. He sneaks and stands there waiting for Braun to see him. I know we as fans have to suspend our disbelief a lot, but you can only do it so much when it comes to plain stupidity.

And my first thought when hearing that AOP promo? I really hope John transcribed this.

Question regarding All In…do you think there is any chance of an Omega/Pentagon match? This would be my dream match on this show and with Fenix not teaming with Pentagon, it feels like he may get a big match.

Andrew from Cape Breton

I thought the show tonight was decent, certainly better then what we’ve been given in recent weeks. The MVP tonight of course was Brock who seemed to become Post Wrestling’s spirit animal with his desire to do anything other then watch Raw. He even got the crowd to cheer Roman, which might make him one of the greatest heels in professional wrestling history. It will be short lived, but it’s an accomplishment none the less. Other then that, the show had some decent matches, and WWE gave a great shout out to Impact Wrestling, telling the viewing audience that Impact is better at presenting main event talent then they are with that Lashley segment. 6 out of 10.

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Noah from Vaughan

Its official, Braun Strowman is the biggest dork in WWE, says he will cash in the moment brock shows up on raw, and is nowhere to be found during the closing segment. Just makes Braun look foolish

question for you guys, do you guys think WWE finally pulls the trigger on Roman beating brock for the title as it seems that Roman has the crowd (somewhat) on his side at the moment

Mark from Vaughan

Enjoyed the ongoing Brock story tonight. I feel like the short term ground they gained will be lost by the time Brooklyn rolls around. I just can’t see the crowd reaction ending up how WWE would like, even with all the promotional tricks they’re using that would probably work with most performers.

Question: Do you think anything will come of the Heyman developments tonight or is it just geared towards getting Roman cheered? Could we actually see a break up with Heyman joining someone new since he’s been doing some work behind the scenes even when Brock isn’t there?

Brock sure hit the nail on the head when he asked ‘why would I watch the show?’ It’s a question I ask myself every week and I’ve yet to come up with a good answer.

The 50/50 booking continues to be a problem. What on earth are they doing with AOP. We need Dean back asap to spice up the Seth/Dolph feud because it’s getting boring now.

Raw is bad and the fantastic G1 is only making it look worse.


As I walked in my Dad’s room to see RAW airing, I saw something that made my heart melt.

As Mojo Rawley addressed the lower tier RAW locker room, I saw in the far left corner of my screen, the most HAPPIEST MAN ON THE WORLD, Mike Kanellis giggling away as Mojo berates him. I only assumed what was on his mind during that exact moment.

“Maria, baby! I made it onto RAW!”

That was my highlight of my Monday night!

10 smiling Mike Kanellis’ out of 10

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Chris from Melbourne, Australia.

I’m sorry but did I miss the reconciliation between Bayley & Sasha after she said I love you, or did I read to much into it and it was just suppose to be a friendship line?

Remembering that Baron Corban was a former lone wolf / biker guy who also won Money In The Bank, now days he’s just an Authority Corporate Kane cosplayer.

But Brock Lennar had the best line of the night “I don’t watch the show, Paul. Why would I watch the show?” which I then started questioning why I was watching.

Question: It’s now been 4-years since the Shield broke up for the first time, since then we have witnessed Roman Reigns “Main Event / Last Match” 4 straight WrestleMania’s, headline countless shows (TV & PPV), Win a Royal Rumble & even being endorsed by The Rock. But still is greeted by a “X-Pac” level reaction by the majority of fans in the majority of locations. In your opinion, Is the Roman Reigns character salvageable in the eyes of the smart fans?

Burney from Chicago

Raw has seemed like Groundhogs Day since before Extreme Rules. Balor/Corbin, AOP/Titus Worldwide, B Team/Deleter of Worlds, Bayley/Sasha and Rollins/Ziggler-McIntyre. I just want something fresh. It seems so crazy to me that Raw and SmackDown are produced by the same company.

I appreciate what they tried to do with Lesnar tonight, but I have just become so indifferent to him.

It also probably doesn’t help that while we are getting some of the worst Raws ever, the G1 is giving us phenomenal wrestling.

Thanks for all your G1 coverage, it’s been awesome!

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Matt from Kansas City

I actually enjoyed a few things I read happened on this show, and half of the two things I watched so we are making progress!

Corbin pinning Balor clean I guess is okay because it sets up a Demon match at Summerslam although when the Demon’s last win was over AJ Styles, this feels like a downgrade and just a way to get the entrance out at least once this year, excited to see what they do with Finn after his second consecutive PPV win.

The Brock stuff is great! I feel like this angle would’ve worked 100x better with Seth Rollins but so does everyone.

AOP need to stop talking probably forever.

UNRELATED: I was listening to the Wade Keller show on Thursday and John’s name was brought up. Wade’s guest had to apologize for “all the terrible things” that Wade has supposedly said about John in the past. Is there a story to this? Because I can’t find anything

Connor from Minneapolis

Bit shorter this week.

Brock stuff was decent, but not spectacular.

Wasn’t the worst Raw, but not something I felt was worth my 3 hours.

Question: Should Roman beat Lesnar, where do they go with Roman from there?

Alex & I attended tonight’s Raw. Hopefully John enjoyed his little sign tribute. Roman got a big pop to open the show although it was mostly boos. As the night went on it was clear that The WWE wants Brock to take the heat off Roman so people are ready for his win at Summerslam. Ronda got the biggest pop of the night and we enjoyed the match between Foxy & Nattie. Alexa has some of the best heel mannerisms in our opinion and she will only get better. I can’t wait for the match between her & Ronda. Seth was probably the 2nd biggest pop the crowd just loves him. I would expect to see Dean enter the picture to help him no later than Summerslam. There was a strong CM Punk punch chant during the women’s tag match. The night ended with the crowd clearly chanting Roman. We rated the show a 7.

Bill & Alex

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One more note there were a lot of empty seats behind the hard camera and 2/3rds of the upper bowl was curtained off

Bill & Alex

That Punk chant was during the men’s tag match. Women’s match just got over.

The Brock story was really nice. If Braun had showed up at the end, the crowd would have gone insane. I really thought the score for this show would have been above 5.

The best Pitbull story I heard was that there was an online contest where people could vote for their local Wal mart and the winning store would get a Pitbull concert for their town.The 4 chan/online troll community took control of the voting and had a campaign to send him to some far away town in Kodak, Alaska where there was a Wal Mart, thinking he would never go. Turns out, Pitbull has a sense of humor and went to the town in Alaska and performed for them, and it was a whole big news story years ago.

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