FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 7/6/20

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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Paul from New Jersey

Heath Slater is no joke one of my favorite performers of the last decade & I think we just watched him cut the best promo of his career. Dolph who? Wouldn’t have had Slater jobbed out. Add Slater to the Extreme Rules match. Add instant intrigue to an otherwise bland build. If the idea was to make me think Io was showing up, but having Sane return, well done. That said, I don’t know what’s worse, current Seth Rollins or the comedy vacuums that are the Viking Raiders. All is not lost because all the IIconic’s do iswin win win NO MATTA WHAT! Heath Slater & The IIconic’s. Who needs Okada? A 37year old Fast Times reference & now a 23 Year old Austin Powers quip. Getting warmer Bruce. Fun show, 7

I understand the concept of branding, but is there any benefit with this horror show tag line or is the answer because Vince McMahon?

What is the end game with Ruby Riott? I’m pretty sure she was challenging for the woman’s title before she had shoulder surgery… is she the new Ricochet?

Kyle from Warrington

Heath Slater was great. Didn’t love the instant squash, but his promo was money. Was this just a really nice gift from WWE to have him advertise himself for future employment?

The women’s matches were good especially the main event.

I am done with Rollins and Rey so hopefully Randy and can “retire” Rey or something.

Fun easy to watch show overall

Erin from Brampton

That opening promo caught me off guard. I was expecting some generic back and forth between Ziggler and Drew, but instead we got an emotional Heath Slater promo. It was a reminder of how great of a performer Heath is. I also liked how Drew beat him quickly. Just because Heath can get intense, that doesn’t change how easy it is for most to be beat him. The whole thing was done beautifully.

Question for you guys. Now that we’ve seen guys like Slater return, and Drake Maverick keep his job, which recently released wrestlers could you see making a return to WWE sooner than later?

Andrew from Cape Breton

Heath Slater looked good tonight and was definitely the highlight. The Dolph Ziggler match is so dead, but if they just cancelled that and changed it to Drew vs Heath, I think you would get a better match, even with Heath’s recent history of being a comedy jobber. I guess it was also a good compare and contrast to other promos and segments like with Ricochet, The Viking Raiders or Ruby Riott. I’ve hated scripted promos for awhile but if there is something real within that scripted promo, I think it’s easier to handle. Sonya Deville for example has taken some potentially real issues and just brought them into the this world with being overlooked. My biggest issue with WWE is it’s too fake. Fake is the big buzz word with wrestling, but while I know Heath Slater was given direction and the outcome of his match and segment was predetermined, there was something real coming from him. There are definitely people in WWE who are good in their roles and feel more real, but a lot of WWE’s scripted promos make things worse. 6 out of 10 show though.

Nick from Lansing

This is was a weird and mixed show for me. In terms of advancing stories and good matches, there’s a lot of good things to point at, with Sasha/Baylee and Asuka/Kari being the high points of the show for me. But as the show went on I couldn’t help but feel weird about the number of people who were suddenly being brought back to TV after news breaking about more confirmed cases of Covid from the PC. I was surprised to see KO come back, and as much as I loved the Heath Slater promo and I hope he’s getting a well paying job soon; the whole thing had a “break glass in case if emergency” feel to it.

Do you think if more cases keep coming out from the WWE, we’ll see some sort of government body step in? Or should we assume the combination of Florida and wrestling will be enough for people to not take it seriously in the mainstream? Thanks for the hard work, sorry for the long one

Will from Toronto

Had no idea Slater was gonna appear so that was a fun surprise and an amazing promo. Knew he would be a quick jobber to Drew but it was nice regardless.

The new US title is awful… am I in the minority here?

Nope! 100% agree with you, but it’s gonna be one of those things where we see it enough times we’ll just get used it.

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