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So…Rollins is upset with Punk for costing him his only shot at Priest’s title but then Priest decides j-k, like nothing happened?! Does that mean that whole opening segment meant nothing? It’s the transitive property, right?

I’m also not sure if we missed something at the end of the show in the US, Rhea seemed to be blowing off Dom, but the show ended abrubtly on USA. Weird it’s been these performers (Dom and Liv) where the timing has been super tight.

I appreciated the coverage from the weekend despite what is out there on the various socials. People who suggest the only reason you ask questions that matter, actual hard news questions, just for attention, are beyond uninformed and ignorant.

Mannie from pacoima

As someone who enjoyed Bron’s nxt run, it was a bit disappointing seeing his gorilla press powerslam finisher reduced to a simple move that was kicked out of early on in the match. While I enjoy how heavily they’ve been pushing him, they really need to let him wrestle like he did on nxt instead of the slow paced matches he’s been having on main roster.

Glad to see both sonya and rhea make their come back to in ring action.
I’ve been loving the wyatt sicks videos and as someone who plays the 2k games it would be cool to see them incorporate something like the video tape segments into the games.
Once again the USA network cut the feed once the clock struck the top of the hour.
Overall a pretty solid episode of Raw.

Jordan from the Bronx

Overall the show was fine. Seth’s stipulation going away with a handshake kind of negates the opening promo with Punk. Rhea Ripley’s return was built to nicely, and then the show ends right in the middle of her interaction with Dom.

I would love to take Damien Priest more seriously as the top champion of Raw, but his matches and promos leaves a lot to be desired. His promo tonight about “every champion has interference in their matches” came off as lame. As a long time fan of his, I was hoping that he would truly be elevated with the title. Unfortunately, it feels like once he loses, he’ll be right back in midcard hell.

The aftermath episode was strong. The Punk/Rollins segment was especially terrific for how it presented those two beyond the traditional babyface/heel dynamic. It felt like two men with different perspectives. I do like how it retconned the gentleman’s agreement

Dom’s ecstasy over finally beating his father (thanks to Liv) turning to complete dread when Rhea’s music hit was glorious. Stealing from the cookie jar isn’t so fun when you’re caught.

her revenge tour is cancelled!

I attended the show here in Ottawa. As a live experience, it definitely falls onto the slow side of the pace scale. Especially the third hour. The show had a hot start with the great Punk/Rollins segment. Lots of excitement for the Nikki Cross appearance. I felt like I was being held hostage having to watch the Howdy video live. Huge reactions for Sami and the return of Rhea. Bron’s speed next-level impressive in person. The last time I saw Yes Kicks in this building it was Danielson/Shibata. Overall a fun show, but the last hour dragged.

Samantha Irvin is the MVP of the show for being able to keep energy up during breaks. Damage Ctrl were in the ring forever before their match started.

Pat led the crowd in singing Happy Birthday to a cameraman named Sweaty.

Sign of the Night: PM Trudeau Took My Money in the Bank

Certainly! Here is the revised text with grammatical errors fixed:

Wai had asked me to clarify what I meant by Dynamite being a “roots” show on Wednesday so I’ll share my thoughts: The show didn’t have filler. Every segment had meaning and furthered a story by adding layers or having chronological sense. In the early AEW days, this is how big programs were built organically (e.g., Cody/Jericho, Max/Cody, Kenny/Hangman, to name a few). I also thought that given all the circumstances, Dynamite delivered a strong number on Wednesday night.

Quick Raw thoughts:

  • Punk/Seth was top-tier TV. I’ve been a fan of Punk’s work for years, and this was no different. (Side note: I don’t think Punk lost his train of thought; I believe the CM Punk character was genuinely hesitant to say, “I’m sorry.”)

  • The Judgment Day slow burn continues to keep their matches and segments interesting. There’s a lot of depth to the group.

  • Liv/Dom/Rhea is as hot as ever, and the quarter hours back up what we already know: Liv is a star, and sex sells.

  • I’m still not completely sold on the Wyatt Six, but the video packages are a much better approach. I’m curious to see how this comes off in a match.