FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 8/10/20

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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Paul from New Jersey

For the first time in a long time, I enjoyed a Seth Rollins promo. He, Joe & Dominic played off each other well. I actually like the poisoning angle, Apollo has found a new gear & the Nattie/Lana pairing works well. Ricochet & the Viking Raiders are still booked like total dorks so somethings never change, but at least we got an IIconic victory. RAW Underground gets a thumbs up, but Retribution comes off like the jobber Orphan Gang from the movie the Warriors. 7.5.

Which match are you more intrigued by come SummerSlam weekend? Dominic & Rollins or McAfee & Cole? I’m very intrigued by McAfee.

Andrew from Cape Breton

What will Retribution do next? They’ve already broke glass and flickered the lights. Maybe they’ll throw toilet paper around the performance centre. That would be horrible to clean up. Raw was ok tonight. I enjoyed Seth Rollins and his segment with Dominik. A lot of this angle has been pretty good, except for the whole fake eye thing. I liked Randy Orton in the final segment, even though Drew McIntyre was very late. As for Raw Underground, you can tell who is good this style and who isn’t. I wasn’t a fan of the first match with Riddick Moss and Cal Bloom as it came off as just a regular wrestling match. I think that’s why they need to establish more rules and what makes this different from regular matches inside a WWE ring. I also found the camera cuts really noticeable. During the Arturo Ruas match, I was trying to watch it and it was so difficult to pay attention. I like that style of wrestling when it’s done right. They also got rid of the strippers without Shayna killing them, so what was their point? Ok show, 6 out of 10, anchored by some pretty good segments.


Angelo Dawkins was the one who poisoned Montez Ford. Why else would they keep this mystery going? I feel like they see Montez as a bigger singles star, and this is the way to propel him in that direction…

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Alexander from Portland Underground

The directing at the end made Orton and McIntyre feel like an anime fight scene about to happen. I’ve never been a big fan of Orton as top champion, but right now seems like the perfect time for it. If Brock is going to be gone for the foreseeable future, Orton as the #1 heel makes sense. Hopefully a title reign could let us see him in a cinematic match to redeem his haunted house with Bray Wyatt. with Retribution attacking on Friday and messing with the lights today, could you see their antics spreading to NXT? Are we to believe this hoard of ne’er-do-wells don’t protest Wednesdays?

Ben from Vancouver

That was the best Seth has ever looked in his messiah character (which isn’t saying much). Props to Dominik for taking that beating.

Nice to be reminded that being a singles champion means you suck, good job Apollo and Bayley.

That Bianca/Zelina match was incredibly stiff, but Bianca looked impressive.

The RAW underground stuff still lacks context - why are these guys competing? What do they get if they win? That first “fight” was a total mess. Could have used a fight judge, what’s the Great Muta up to?

Retribution is extremely lame. And I love how the announcers don’t mention anything about what happened on Smackdown for half an hour. Such a major story. That angle is going to flop big time.

Q: Who will be swerving at Summerslam - Ric Flair Alestair Black or Dominik?

What has let you down more, or at all, The Retribution or Raw after dark?