FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 8/12/19

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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Jay from Colorado

What was the deal with Sasha’s hair? Does blue hair mean bad Sasha? Did I miss something? Is this like a Blue Meanie thing?

This show itself was fine. Definitely an improvement over previous weeks for me. Some solid matches and good story movement. I’m looking forward to next few weeks. And its great to see the King of the Ring is coming back. See, I can be positive about the main roster product! It’s easy though, Takeover and Summerslam were both fun, and while tonight could have been better, it could have been oh soo much worse.

Any truth to the rumors about Rusev and Lana taking time off and possibly waiting out their contracts?

Paul from New Jersey

I found the opening between Seth and AJ to be pretty weak, but the crowd was extremely into it. Zayn was hilarious and Samoa Joe continues to be my favorite thing about the show. This is the most I’ve enjoyed Dolph in a long time. The Street Profits were used effectively and Andrade continues to look strong. McIntyre and Alexander had a really good match, I just hope McIntyre doesn’t get saddled with the King of the Ring gimmick. Keep that shit away from him. I also didn’t mind Roode/Jose. Putting a local guy who doesn’t get much television time these days in a quick squash. Makes sense. A delightful little episode of RAW. Only complaint, as Austin was talking about his show, I wanted his computerl, a lights to go out, a scuffle is hard, and all we hear is Bray Wyatt laughing. Would have been glorious. The commentary team we’re pretty funny at points as well. 9.

PS, Matt Riddle talking shit about William Goldberg on watch along was gold.

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Brandon from Oshawa

Really enjoyed this show and it almost makes me wish I had gone. Cedric/Drew was one of the best TV matches I can remember seeing in a while. I love King of the Ring coming back. I was always a huge fan of the concept and one night tournaments are always fun. I think Baron Corbin should win. I think he can do a lot with the gimmick.

My one complaint is Seth Rollins. This guy and their booking of him are so irritating right now. Why are they shoving it so hard down are throat, that these people keep showing him respect. It was Bret yesterday, tonight Austin and even Braun at the end. Its getting too much.

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Lara from Vancouver

From a live perspective this was a ton of fun. A match heavy show with a solid focus on workrate and one incredibly hot heel turn angle with Sasha.

Cedric vs Drew was as good or better than a lot of Summerslam, and Rey/Andrade was pretty great too.

Dolph should get beat up like this every week, this delusional parody version of himself is the most I’ve cared about him in years.

As someone who hasn’t watched Raw in 18 months, I had a total blast.

Hopefully we see more shows like this. This is a good formula.

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Alex from Maple

Sasha Banks is back and Natalya is gone. Couldn’t have asked for more.

James from California

Really enjoyed the show tonight, thought Drew vs Cedric AJ vs Rollins and the Sasha return we’re all very good and the crowd was hot which made the show feel important

Do you think leaving Bray off was a good or bad thing? I think it’s good because we know how too much overexposure could be a bad thing but I could also see the argument that they should’ve capitalized on the positive response from last night

Will from Toronto. Wanted to quickly say it was great meeting you yesterday and that I got a ton of compliments on wearing the limited edition shirt to RAW tonight. Wai encouraged me yesterday to message so here I am.

Overall a solid show and the crowd was certainly hot at times… was just real tough seeing Natalya talk about her dad as the crowd was chanting boring. I wish WWE would stop going down the Anvil road.

Am I alone or is this just uncomfortable to watch. if the goal was to make Sasha heel it didn’t work because she got the biggest reaction of the night and I would dare to say a larger reaction that Trish got last night.

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Noah from Vaughan

I was at the show live tonight and it felt like I was watching two different shows, the miz-ziggler Drew-Cedric Zayn-Street profits segment and Sasha return were the highlights, but then there was everything else, a ton of short matches and video packages. At points it was the quietest I’ve heard that building for a wrestling show. It could be worse though, cause those poor fans next week will have to sit through multiple baron corbin matches on his way to winning king of the ring.

Very very nice show. The returns of Braun and Sasha were great, some very nice matches. Loved it.