FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 8/17/20

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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Paul from New Jersey

If I could sum tonight’s show up in one word, it would be bollocks. Retribution, Thunderdome ‘s, interferences all over the place & GTV poison reveals. Just a lot going on. I can’t say the show was boring, but I don’t know how much of it was very good. RAW Underground feels kind of boring. I’m definitely glad it seems like Shayna is being built up & Nothing like an IIconic victory. Still, nothing about the show got me hyped for Sunday. 4.

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Andrew from Cape Breton

I’ve finally figured out Retribution. Instead of a roving band of angry electricians, they’re a roving band of angry editors and production people fed up with Kevin Dunn’s camera cuts and shaking. I for one welcome this assault. But just like the Alliance and Nexus before them, they didn’t accomplish their goal tonight. Raw was ok, but still weird at points. Three matches had a double jobber entrance where both participants were currently in the ring, which I’m not a fan of as it downplays their importance. They’re not stars as they don’t need an entrance. As for Raw Underground, I do think it can work but I’m annoyed with its lack of structure. I’m really excited for the return of the ROH Pure Title and maybe it’s just me getting old, but I like establishing rules and structure in particular match types. Raw Underground can be a good way to introduce people as we saw tonight with Marina Shafir. I never thought much of her as a wrestler, but I thought she looked great. Ok show, 5 Shawn Michaels bald spots out of 10. I actually didn’t see that coming.


Can you believe the thumb in the eye is legal in RAW Underground? This is crazy. I couldn’t stop laughing during these segments. I felt like Brandon from New Jersey. Shane yelling “THATS IT THATS IT” could be my call of the year. How long before we get a DQ finish in an Underground match?

It seems you guys don’t like that they continue to make Bayley look weak, but I think it works for the story they’re telling. She’s the big old boat anchor weighing Sasha down, and it makes for a myriad of possibilities at Summer Slam.

It seems they’ve merged the 24/7 joke division with the actual cruiserweights. Too bad because I liked the interactions with MVP, Cedric, and the rest. It would all be better without that belt attached to it.

I mostly enjoyed this show. 6/10

Noah From Vaughan

This show was quite boring, seemed like every match had a screwy finish. Why these legends continue to come out to try and reason with Randy Orton is kinda dumb, logically why wouldn’t drew (or anybody) come out with Shawn to protect him from getting attacked. Retribution still sucks and Raw Underground still can’t tell the time, each week they’ve promoted it to start at 10 pm, and yet each week by 10 pm the segment is finished, How/why does that happen. Brutal go home show and with the DNC convention and NBA playoffs, I would not be surprised to see this as the least watched raw of all time

Jessie Reyez singing the Canadian national anthem on top of the CN Tower before the Raptors game this afternoon, was cooler than anything on RAW tonight.