FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 8/19/19

What did you think of Raw?

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AJ from PA

What’s up Mother lovers! Ugh. Sorry for that, had to do it.

I’m a week or two behind on your shows, got a baby on the way, so I’m not sure if you’ve mentioned it but Wai, I hope all of your family is safe in Hong Kong. Crazy what’s happening over there. However, some things are worth fighting for. I believe democracy to be one of them.

RAW was fun tonight. Enjoyed both KOTR matches, hoping whoever wins is able to pull off the corney King gimmick. Always a tough one to make work. Just ask Sheamus.

The show had really good pacing tonight, those new promo shots are much better than the overproduced
interviews they usually do and I liked how there was a story being told throughout the show. But sacrificing the OCs current push for the Braun/Rollins storyline is shortsighted booking.


Charles In Louisiana

I found Vic Joseph and Michael Cole to be really jarring on commentary. I didn’t know whom to follow as the lead play-by-play commentator. Did you guys feel the same way?

Also, a small note, but I appreciated seeing Lawler at least try to escape from The Fiend. He wasn’t some dumbfounded babyface who was frozen-in-place by the sight and sound of The Fiend’s entrance. Lawler realized what was happening and actually made an honest effort to avoid being attacked. This not only made Lawler look smart, but it also made The Fiend look even smarter. Try as they might to escape, The Fiend, like Thanos, is inevitable.

Jalen from Pickering,

Really good RAW for the first half, but like always, 3 hours is too long for tv. I dug the majority of the promos being short and backstage, and that the show started with a match.
I don’t know what Braun did to deserve either of his title matches tonight, or why Seth would want to team with him instead of recovering from his supposed injury. But they got to beat up guys who ran away from 50 year olds, so good for them.

Paul from New Jersey

this was one of the better episodes of RAW this year… If you were to ask me what I would want to see in a three hour episode of RAW It would be logical storyline progression, solid in ring performances, toss in some comedy with the 24/7 title and even a little horror with the fiend attacking Jerry Lawler. There was a lot of variety on the show. Only complaints, fire and desire stink and I’m WELL AWARE Jim Neidhart is Nattie’s father and that he is deceased. Enough already. I did also chuckle out loud when Michael Cole said and I quote “ Winning the king of the ring tournament will skyrocket your career… for the most part”. I guess halfway through that sentence, Cole remembered King Ass man and Mabel. Still, a very fine show. I was surprised at how good Rey’s promo was and shout out to Vic Koseph. He was very good on the show. 8.

Andrew from Cape Breton

I really enjoyed Raw tonight. I like Corey Graves on commentary, but now that I’ve heard 3 generic babyface announcers, it sounded a lot better without the constant bickering. Vic Joseph was a breath of fresh air tonight. I don’t think Corey’s bad, but he would definitely do better on a commentary team with only one other person. The show seemed really well put together. They put over the King of the Ring tournament and made it out like it was the most important tournament ever. They did the typical WWE thing where they beat me over the head with it, but it wasn’t too bad. The highlight of the night was the Becky Lynch promo. It’s now a toss up between her and Joe as the best promos on Raw, but she made this Sasha Banks angle a main event program. 7 out of 10.

Brandon from Oshawa

One of the better episodes of Raw in a long time, but they just couldnt finish strong. I was dreading the ending and they couldnt resist the same old, tired booking that they always do, when they cant think of anything else between 2 babyfaces.

With The Fiend constantly attacking legends, you gotta think he’ll have a similar spot on the first Smackdown on Fox. Who do you guys think he should attack? It should probably be Sting, right? If he can be cleared.

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Alexander from Portland

One of my favorite tropes in professional wrestling is when two superstars join forces and become tag champs, however more often than not their title reign is short lived because of a feud between the two (see John Cena with any of this tag partners). While I don’t expect to see Braun and Rollins be tag champs a month from now, for the time being it’s nice. This also brings to attention the fact that, for as much as he’s been pushed, Braun Strowman has only held two titles in his tenure in WWE and they’ve both been tag titles. Seeing The Revival and Orton clash with the New Day slighly makes me want WWE to have their version of six-man tag titles. Also, why is The Revival wearing snakeskin boots not an affront to a guy called “The Viper?” “Hey, we have boots made out of the skin of your buddies, fuck you.” Was it me or were both King of the Ring matches disappointing? I was hoping to see matches as good as what would be seen in the G1, but tonight didn’t do much to motivate me to see more tournament matches. Lastly I missed why Vic Joseph was on RAW in place of Corey Graves, and while he wasn’t perfect it was wonderful to hear him.

5 broken King of the Ring brackets/10

Question: Over the weekend there was a deathmatch tournament held by CZW, did either of you catch any of it? In particular I was interested in a wrestler named Shlak. I saw grumblings about him online that lead me to find a plentiful amount of articles detailing his racist, misogynistic past. While I understand WWE definitely not allowing anyone of that type to be kept around, it seems like indies can get away with it due to the starpower some of these men may bring to the product. My question, do you think the independent scene should be more stringent with who performs for them? Should issues like a racist or sexist past be overlooked if the performer brings money and eyeballs to a struggling show? I would have saved this question for Ask-A-Wai but I’ve already submitted two. Thank you.

Noah from Vaughan

I really enjoyed this show 8 out of 10 for me.he first hour in particular was awesome, kicking the show off with a lengthy match with dolph and roman was a great idea. Great start to the king of the ring tournament. The highlight of this show for me was Sasha Banks. It was great how she didnt give away her reasoning for the attack last week, as well as a very short promo segment. It was the complete opposite to Becky who had a longer promo tonight and if you recall last year after summerslam, she immediately gave her reason for her turn. Just great stuff

Any reason why they didnt announce the NXT to USA deal tonight?

Ken-Ken from the Internet here:

Live report tonight from the X. It was strange seeing a lot of the hard camera section being tarped off tonight. Has that been normal? Huge Roman Reigns crowd for the opener tonight. I’m not all that surprised since Reigns played pre-season for the Minnesota Vikings for a hot minute. We tend to gravitate to people we can associate to Minnesota. Although, interesting enough a younger child behind me was yelling, “I don’t get it” after a reigns kick out from Ziggler’s finisher.

The crowd absolutely lost it when the fiend came out. Is he just going to randomly attack someone every Monday night? I’m okay with it for the time being.

Ricochet is a treat to watch live. Please do not take him for granted. He made Baron Corbin look watchable, as well as the drunk guy in the audience look watchable while trying to punch multiple people before security got him out of there; fuck that guy.

I don’t know how I feel about the “OC,” faction, however, a heel AJ is always great; reminds me of the Bullet Club AJ character.

Strowman straight up swatting AJ is awesome. Rollins’ backwards cap is not. I’m not surprised with the DQ, but it seems a bit much to setup a Rollins/Strowman vs. non-Bullet Club program.

Good match with Joe and Cesaro. Not a bad start to the tournament. Remember when WWE had a “World Cup” with only North Americans?

What the Hell was up with Elias’ segment? The sound effects were horrible in the arena. It was also probably the longest 24/7 title match ever.

What a promo by Rey! He really came off as pissed Andrade unmasked him. Remember when Kevin Nash unmasked Rey? Sadly I do. Rey apparently didn’t; lucky him.

I like the pairing of Orton and the revival. I doubt anything great will come of it, but the characters blend well together.

Where did it go wrong for Sami during his tenure? At least he was NXT champion for a hot minute.

The raw tag title match wasn’t bad. A little surprised of the switch. I’m guessing it’ll be a “can they co-exist” reign. That or Rollins needed more protection for his ribs.

Not a bad show, at least live. 6.5/10

Chris Thunder from Down Under,

Overall I’d say this would have to be one of the better RAW’s of the past month, almost everything felt like it was progressing forward. While I like the return of King of The Ring I fear it will be nothing more then a gimmick for the eventual winner.

Finally, The OC lost their tag titles on an hours build to a make shift team, this makes no sense. Unless they going on a holiday, possibly California?



  • Will NXT have the forced 28-day “WWE Network Blackout” like “RAW”, “SmackDown”, & “MainEvent” currently do?

  • If so, do you expect the number of network subscribers to drop drastically once this happens?

  • Finally, If this does start September 18th (in 30 days) how quickly could WWE renegotiate their international television deals to allow for fans in those countries to still be able to watch NXT every week?

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Adam from Australia

I guess the show was okay, i gave it a 7/10, it wasnt great but wasnt bad at all. 3 hours is the only thing killing it for me. Disappointed that Seth has the tag titles and also that there was no NXT announcement, but yeah, 7/10.

Brandon frm Etobicoke

Hello hi been a minute what’s good brah? Yeah what a show why are people so mad at wrestling man? Like we are getting everything we wanted and more man. Guys flying and flipping, dudes tellin stories, scary slipknot monster killing kings, whats wrong with that man? Shiiiiiit son I’m havin fun are you man? Live free and die hard right man. I tell yah I give this story I mean show an 8.


-when is that announcement coming and what will come first who killed Roman or this NXT announcement

-I wondered to the spot where Kahwai hit that shot over Embiid and I shed some tears. Then security escorted me out

-enough is enough I’m out of gas can you spare some change?

I’m out of here peace