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Quebec City brought the atmosphere that Winnipeg didn’t. They were hot from start to finish. Gable/Gunther ending in a count-out would’ve been groan-inducing in the previous regime. The way it was handled here was so smart as it got Gable over, protected Gunther and it left room for a rematch at Payback with the possibility of Gable playing spoiler in Gunther’s attempt to break the IC title record. Main event was reliably very good with Owens and Zayn looking like superstars.

The Nakamura vignette was very well done as it brought Rollins’ back issues into focus and it added some much needed stakes to the world title match.

Lukael from Québec! I was at the show tonight!

My friend Jonathan got us some tickets for my birthday! he’s the one who introduced me to you guys a decade ago, and we’ve been listening to you guys ever since. It was awesome to finally get a live show in our own city! Crowd was full and felt pretty hot throughout, so I hope it came off that way on TV and that they’ll come back!

I thought the show was structured really well around Sami and Kevin as the obvious top stars in Quebec. There was plenty of gratuitous french as you’d expect, the heels knew to use Montréal against us which was funny. I love that Miz had a clever comeback for the Maryse chants.

After the show went off the air, Sami thanked the crowd, mentioned that with such a hot crowd, they were sure to return to Québec. Kevin then spoke about his upbringing, thanked Dusty Rhodes, his family, his parents who were in in the crowd tonight for supporting his career, and also shouted out some local promoters and wrestlers from Québec City for helping him along the way.

Awesome show, hope it was a fun watch for you guys. Thanks for the review!