FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 8/24/20

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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Paul from New Jersey

Even the mere mention of the Aleister Black room put me in such a good mood for the show. I can only pray Black cuts a heel promo in the room next week. Randy Orton tossed out more punts than Pat McAfee in the 2010 Super Bowl. Hope this doesn’t water down the move. Don’t know about you guys, but anything involving the Street Profits/Andrade Garza is white noise at this point. I’ve seen it 100 times. Overall, a pretty decent night after SummerSlam. 5.

Question, Drew McIntyre might have a fractured skull, do we see him back in seven days or less?


Hey, those black and gold “The Hurt Business” shirts look pretty good! If I cover up the WWE logo I might be able to pass it off as a band tee from the early 2000’s.

Aside from spoiling the main event, it seems like there’s less and less of a presence from Retribution on the show, and that’s a good thing. All we need is Jerry Lawler to come back and mis-identify them as “Renovations” and we can all wash our hands of this thing. And what’s so bad about the punt kick? Shawn Michaels was fine after his!

Dominic is 23 now. You guys were talking on Rewind-a-Wai about how young The Rock and HHH were while ascending to the title picture. If they really believe in Dominic, doesn’t it make more sense to skip NXT and let him develop in front of as many eyes as possible? That way he can peak in his mid-20’s instead of his 30’s.


Andrew from Cape Breton

If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. It’s an expression you can apply to a lot of what WWE does, especially when it comes to its NXT call ups. With Keith Lee, they didn’t just try to fix what wasn’t broken, it felt like they tried to break it in hopes that it could do something else. New music, a top and shorts that looked like a skirt was a horrible look for Keith Lee. My prediction for Keith Lee is he will be viewed by Vince as a loveable teddy bear and basically be everyone’s friend who gets beat up and stays in the mid card. Another issue with tonight was the canned audio. Do they not remember what crowds sounded like? I know there may have been some noise, but when a guy like Drew McIntyre is out talking, people at least had the courtesy to listen and not make that much noise. I liked Drew trying to do some interaction but is there anyway they can get the audio from the zoom calls in? I know it might be hard, but it’s gotta be better than putting fake noise over a guy talking. Speaking of Drew, are they taking the Samoans have hard heads trope and giving it to the Scots? I now want to see people try to headbutt Nikki Cross, only for it to hurt their own heads. 4 out of 10 show.

Justin from NYC

A truly grueling show. Just so many screw jobs and so little commitment to any of the characters. The Dork Order run ins are less intimidating than a child wielding cotton candy. Just a remarkable lack of focus and substance. A Bad bad show.

I participated in my first WWE Thunderdome experience tonight. Some things that happened on it:

At the beginning, the crowd producer mentioned that if you were a Nielsen family household doing the Thunderdome to still have your TV turned on with the sound down and your people meter on to count in ratings.

They also had Superstars talk to those in the Thunderdome throughout the night. It was weird that they could see everyone’s cameras, but the Superstar wasn’t visible. Some conversations:

Drew McIntyre said that he thought the Thunderdome was awesome and that he wanted to do something in the first segment of Raw to interact and include everyone. He said he didn’t know what it would be yet, but to be waiting for it. (Was the thumbs up.)

Kevin Owens said Hello. I waved on the camera, and Kevin said he was glad one person waved at him. And, then said, “Yeah, you in the glasses. Nice shirt.” I assume he waa talking to me, which felt really cool to have direct interaction. Kevin Owens then asked everyone to yell really loudly into their Mic. He said that he tried it last night at Summerslam and He heard that 7 people got evicted from their apartments and that he hoped to make it an even 10 after tonight. He then told the audience that he hoped they enjoyed the KO show tonight.

Mark Henry said that he thought the Thunderdome idea was cool. That he was glad the WWE Universe could be part of the show again, and that he wanted to give them a segment in the arm wrestling challenge to be excited about, because “That’s What I Do”.

Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott came on and Liv asked if those in the Thunderdome who saw her new shirt last week to raise their hands. Then, she asked for those who bought it to raise their hands. Liv said “I’m glad, at least, one of you did.” Ruby said that if anyone felt like it they could buy her shirt also.

Apollo Crews came on and said he hoped everyone enjoyed him beating MVP last night at Summerslam. He said that he was excited to be going against Bobby Lashley tonight in the arm wrestling challenge, and that he would appreciate everyones support.

Dolph Ziggler came on and asked what was up. He said that it was cool to see so many people in the Thunderdome, especially because it proved that everyone and their small picture were so much more insignificant than him. He said “I see the one guy booing me. I wouldn’t do that if I were you. Raw Underground isn’t the only land I run. You never know when I might be coming after you, so lock your doors and keep watch outside your windows.” He said it as a joke, but it kinda felt weird after the Sonya Deville situation.

Lana and Natalya said that they would be on Raw in a few minutes. They said that they had cute outfits to show everyone and that they appreciated everyone’s love and support. To please follow them on their social media, and cheer for them out on the ring. (Which was contradicted by the producer telling the Thunderdome crowd to boo, when they were out in the ring.)

They also showed the action that happened in the ring during the commercial breaks of the last two matches.

During the women’s lumberjack break, all the lumberjacks started brawling for no reason on the outside while Banks and Ashla traded pinfalls inside the ring.

During the main event, Rey and Dom tagged in and out several times while working over Murphy. They hit a pretty cool double team maneuver where Dom springboarded and came off of Rey into Murphy.

Anyway, sorry for the long post. Thanks to you both for all you do for us on Post Wrestling.


That was a great post! I appreciate the glimpse behind the scenes.

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It’s too funny to see NXT guys made to look stupid immediately. I guess Vince thinks Lee is a gladiator or something so he needs a skirt.

How long until he drops “Keith”? When do we see a gladiator helmet like Faarooq had on his debut?

So I finished Raw tonight, and based one what I read I was expecting the Keith Lee debut to be horrible. I’m not going to sit here and say it was great, but talk about an over reaction. (For the record, I don’t mean specifically in this thread, just in general online).

I don’t mind the baggy shorts at all, not sure why people are so butt hurt about that. If anything it makes him look unique.

The new theme song sucked, that one I agree with. At least they kept the beginning, but hopefully they go back to what he had or at least give him something new.

Promo was ok, match was ok as well. I would have rather him get a win, but getting the upper hand over the hottest heal in the company is not a bad thing.

Overall I’d say his debut was ok…6/10, I was expecting 1/10 based on the reaction.

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