FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 8/26/19

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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Paul from New Jersey

The show kicked off with Sasha Ziggler claiming it should’ve been her while burying the women’s tag straps. Those poor, poor belts. Poor McIntyre. Michael Cole did say he has trouble with “small guys” so I guess we should’ve seen this coming? Weird angle. Cole also referes to NXT as “The Little Enhine that could.” The commentary has been better, but I found all three of them to be very jarring tonight. The Stroman/Rollins Clash of Champions booking is pretty intriguing though. Still, this was a very hard show for me to get through.

Question: with your extremely light Wrestling schedules and playboy lifestyle’s, will you gentlemen have time to review Total Divas or better yet, the Seth/Becky RideAlong? I LOVED The Thunder in Paradise review, perhaps those two shows could fall into that category.

Adam from Australia

Not good at all, in all honesty AEW just cant get here quick enough, I am excited for the weekend to have a different style than WWE. Raw just dragged, the only highlight was Sasha referencing the Ryan Satin meme, but otherwise it was just a run of the mill show that kind of felt like filler since none of the top stars were there. You’d think WWE would be trying their hardest with AEW on the weekend and their show a month away but it seems like just don’t know what to do at this point.

I gave it a 6/10 but immediately wish I rated it lower.

Alexander from Portland

I was not able to watch all of RAW tonight due to a fire in my neighborhood. However I gotta say, as someone that obviously missed something, it was so flippin’ surprising to see Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode get a tag-title match for the PPV. The highlights of the 24/7 Championship were meh at best. I don’t care to see some TV personality I don’t know hold it, but you know who I would love to see hold the 24/7 Title? Bray Wyatt. Sure the title is absolutely beneath him, but imagine all the goons running backstage shouting “WHERE IS THE FUNHOUSE?” I feel weird saying this but I miss Nia Jax. Sure she isn’t a great wrestler but if you remove Sasha then who is the biggest heel in the RAW Women’s scene? Lacey Evans? The women’s roster needs more depth.

Question: With NXT wanting to make as big of an impact as possible against AEW, do you think we’ll see Matt Riddle vs. Goldberg on TV in the coming months?

Jay from Colorado

More or less a pretty standard edition of Raw. Was pretty sure Corbin was moving forward, and not surprised to have a disqualification end Raw. Everything pretty much was meh.

I gotta admit, I was slightly intrigued by the Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman tag title and Universal title matches going into Clash of Champions. I could have totally seen either one of them letting their partner get beat to hell during the tag match to wear them down for the Universal title match. I could have seen that, but now our number one contenders are up and coming rookies Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode? That took all of the excitment out of the tag titles match at Clash of Champions for me. Awful decision.

On a side note, I received my Post wrestling care package today complete with a hand written note from Wai himself! I can legitimately say this is the first hand written letter I’ve received since 1999. Made my day.

Jalen from Pickering,

I think I hated this RAW. Corey doubling down on the annoyance to make up for being gone for a week hurt the flow of the entire show, and the lack of crowd reactions just made the commentary stand out more.

These tag divisions are criminally terrible. Women’s tag champ losing to the SD champ who’s on RAW for no real reason is bad enough. But a tag gauntlet being won by a makeshift team against a bunch of former unremarkable champions to challenge another makeshift team for the titles is astounding.
Almost every title scene feels out of whack right now. Ironic considering what PPV they’re building towards

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