FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 8/27/18

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What did you think of tonight’s show?

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Brandon from Oshawa

I am definitely glad I didnt go to this show. It was trash outside of a couple segments. The Elias segment had to be one of the funniest I’ve seen in a while. I thought he had some great lines and Trish was a nice surprise. I cant believe they’ve turned another over babyface, this time Braun Strowman, but I do like the pairing with Drew & Dolph. I wouldnt mind seeing them add a 4th member and putting Heyman with them, as a sort of Dangerous Alliance type group.

Owens/Rollins was really good and I’m slightly intrigued at what comes next for Kevin Owens. I say slightly, because I dont want to get my hopes up when WWE uncreative is involved. What do you think of Owens spending a couple months in NXT and maybe bring him back up the night after Survivor Series? I cant see what other direction they could go with him right now. Most of the top guys are in programs. Maybe he could be revealed as Aleister Blacks attacker? What would you guys like to see done with this story?

Jordan from Saskatoon

I attended my first live raw tonight and man was it cool. Thought the opening promo was pretty decent till Ziggler, Drew and Corbin came out. Roman has really improved. Seeing Trish was the highlight of my night! The main event was meh. Rollins and Owens had the best match. thought it was really good show overall but I didn’t have to listen to coachman all night.

Special thanks to John for taking the time to talk to me during the Smash show!


Mark from Vaughan

Outside of the IC Title match and Trish surprise, nothing of note happened on this show. The combination of Braun with Dolph & McIntyre is just awkward to me. Would’ve liked to see the widely speculated Wyatt reunion.

Question: My assumption is they’ll be back in NY for 2020 but it’s nice to see Toronto get another big show after the success of Survivor Series weekend in 2016. Even though I’m 99% sure this is just due to the Mania location, do you think there’s any chance of Toronto getting a little run with SummerSlam like LA & Brooklyn had?

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Chris from Melbourne, Australia.

Kevin Owens & Seth Rollins tore down the house In my opinion. Bliss is still a solid gold promo.

Finn and Corbin continues for some reason, only seems to continue to decrease Finns Main Event value. Also I seriously don’t understand the Baliey and Sasha story, this is without question worst fude of the year…if it can still be called one.

Lastly as someone who is going to Super Show-Down I can say the only reason I want to see Undertaker wrestle is I have never seen him wrestle Live before, the guy legit seemed to be having problems at WrestleMania with Cena.

Question: Has Renee or Beth been announced for commentary during WWE Evolution?



  • 6-Man tag The Shield (Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, & Dean Ambrose) Vs. Brawn Strowman, Dolph Ziegler, & Drew McIntyre.
  • 6-Woman tag Ronda Rouse, & The Bella Twins (Nikki & Brie) Vs. The Riott Squad (Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan, & Sahra Logan).

Chris in Mississauga.

Was at the show tonight

Balor/Corbin really seemed to take the energy out of the crowd and definitely dragged way too long.

Owens/Rollins was excellent and the stunner near fall especially was great

Elias’ John Tavares reference was great and Trish was a nice surprise.

Didn’t really like the ending of the show with Braun coming off as a heel teaming with Ziegler and McIntyre.

Regarding the whole Jason sensation thing I don’t think the majority of the arena was aware of it, didn’t really see any extra security or police presence in my section and at one point I heard the person behind me ask the usher about it and they didn’t really seem to know about it as well, glad everyone was safe though.


Noah from Vaughan

I was at the show tonight, and I gotta say, it was awesome, great match from Owens and Rollins, Elias/Trish segment was hilarious and the crowd was into almost everything on the show. Overall fun show, a solid Medium coffee with milk and sugar

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Matt from Melbourne

Nice to see a slightly above average Raw for a change.

It’s interesting how much they are promoting the upcoming Taker vs HHH match at Supershow Down

In addition to this match, they have already announced Cena & Lashley vs Elias & Owens and Miz vs Bryan with the winner getting a title shot.

Do you expect WWE to promote any of the other matches on the card besides Taker and HHH? I’m not sure where this show fits in as a legit PPV, network special or house show?

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Adam from Barrie

Hey guys,

This was my first time watching Raw in 7 months. I only tuned in tonight because the show was in Toronto. It seems like im not missing much by skipping these shows every week. Other than Rollins vs Owens (which was a PPV quality match) and a nice surprise by Trish, the rest was mostly forgettable. The crowd was dead in a lot of matches and segments tonight, including the Braun “Heel turn”. 4 / 10

Jalen from Pickering,

Was there live and was prepared to give this 6/10 show a 7, just cuz of the crowd, but the stupidity of the final segment brought it back down.

I’m taking a shot in the dark here, but I think Owens might return as Mr. MITB: Braun gave Corbin his briefcase, and Corbin was on the phone with Stephanie talking about Owens. They can give Owens the contract to make him come back, and pull some BS that Braun didn’t cash in, but was just given the contendership.


That “45 segment” Balor ‘the man’ vs Corbin match just made me happy that Wai’s nephew is safely back at home, without any knowledge that it went down. I feel like he would think that “the demon” is pretty cool though.

Were Seth & Dean stuck in traffic on the Gardiner during the aftermath of the main event? Sure felt like a long time for them to get out there.

I feel like less of a Canadian, but I cringed at everything Trish was a part of tonight. Elias upstaged her with better lines, and Wai is right, the Bella’s together are unbearable. I"m just going to go have some maple syrup to balance things out.

Great call leaving Shawn for next week. With this crowd, it could have been pretty ugly.


The highlight of RAW was seeing the kid dressed as Roman Reigns in the crowd during Roman’s entrance. ADORABLE!

10 “Forever will be the ACC to me’s” out of 10!

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3 hour Raws can drag so I’m going to focus on one of the Raw segments of the year: Trish Stratus Walks With Elias. Tremendous. Only thing I felt was missing was Rousey tossing Elias and bonding with Trish.
and Bliss was great on the mic after.

Here’s to hoping Owens legit quit and cements his place on Mt Rushmore at All In this weekend :man_shrugging:

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Dubs here,

Thought the elias segment was pretty electric tonight! The stuff i did watch was good, commentary had me laughing quite a bit.

Taylor from Sydney

I don’t know…I really don’t know. Tonight had its moments. Loved seeing Trish and loved that Elias segment. Seth and KO was excellent (no surprises really), KO’s “I Quit” was intriguing but not sure where it leads. Braun teaming from Dolph & Drew was logical I guess. It’s not the threesome we wanted, but it’s the threesome we probably deserve.

I’m still really not excited about HIAC and I doubt I will be but I guess that’s what happens between SummerSlam and Rumble.

Keen to hear what you think the direction is with KO “quitting”…is it just a brand switch or something else?

Sean from Toronto

Just got home from seeing Raw live a little while ago. This was my first time seeing Raw live since it switched to three hours and boy was it draining. The I.C. Title match was definitely the peak and I groaned at the Braun heel turn.

I was at Raw last night and it was an ok show, Corbin vs. Balor dragged on for what seemed like forever and the crowd died. Loved the Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens match. It was the best match on Raw in a while.