FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 8/3/20

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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Paul from New Jersey

I’ve been waiting for the McIntyre/Orton feud & it’s delivering for me so far. The IIconic’s & Kevin Owens were great together.Then RAW Underground happened. I simply do not know who this is for. I found that and the glitches all night to be pretty lackluster. Decent enough show. 5. Stay NBA Jamming.

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Erin from Brampton

My intended plan for tonight was to watch the Habs-Pens game, and for the most part I did. However, I started to second guess my choice when I switched over to Raw during a commercial brake. Within seconds, I found out that there’s an underground fight club, Montez Ford was poisoned, Nia was suspended, and the security cameras picked up some vandalism. I thought there was a chance that Montreal could tie their game and take it to OT, but Pittsburgh made it 2-0, so I jumped directly to Raw.

Say what you want about this show, but the WWE seemed like they were on a mission to make this Raw as eventful as possible. This is the type of urgency I notice in most episodes of Dynamite (and I don’t even watch AEW consistently), and something Raw has been missing for some time.

Now that sports are back, I hope the WWE pushes this hard to deliver a good show. They knew they were up against a Lakers game tonight, so I’m glad they didn’t just turtle and accept they’d eat a bad rating.

Also, Samoa Joe is kind of a jerk. He was ready to fight Seth and Murphy, but then just ran back to the announce table when Dominic showed up.

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Holy shit. I tuned in for like 30 seconds and saw 1000 cuts, and WWE doing their best impression of the word “gritty”.

All that other stuff is real… But this part of the show is really real.

I haven’t watched an Episode of RAW in a decade, but peeked in around 10 and the final segment… I got my fill until 2030 I think.



I had Raw on mute while working tonight and at one point I look up and see Shane. I saw he was announced for Raw, and that there was a new faction. Is Shane O’Mac really the best person to be running WWE’s fight club? Are they actually doing a fight club segment each week - I give it 3 weeks.
Also that new Stable looks a lot like the one that’s been around the last month or so.
Raw creative I s basically on par with TNA during the Aces & Eights era.

Production Question: These are taped shows so why are they cutting to commercial as Joe is about to fight Seth, only to come back and the heels have chairs waiting in the ring?
It’s cringe.

I’m glad I’ve stopped watching with any regularity. The only thing worth seeing in this company anymore are the Women’s segments and division on both brands.


Jackie from Orlando
I have to be honest and say despite my frustrations with this company, this is the most I’ve enjoyed an episode of Raw in a long time. Not to say that is indicative of any immediate change to the show as we have seen great weeks followed by terrible ones, but I think this show felt fresh against the landscape of typical WWE programming.
The highlight for me were the promos. Across the board, I thought everyone did a phenomenal job and by wrestling standards really brought their acting chops. Not a ton of pure wrestling, but that’s what I think Summerslam should be for.
The general consensus online seems to be the Underground was bad. I can’t help but appreciate WWE trying something new that got people to tune in for that third hour. I feel if AEW or any other company had presented something similar people would have been okay, but I guess wrestling fans have been burned one too many times before by the company. Shocked at how low the rating for this show is. Guess the board hates Raw. What do you guys think?

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Andrew from Cape Breton

So we got a lot of announcements tonight on things happening. Turns out, the stable we got is a roving band of disgruntled electricians who were messing with the power, while dressed up like Akira Tozawa’s ninjas. Great. Tonight was a weird show, but let’s get on to what everyone wants to talk about. I honestly think Raw Underground has potential. I hate the strippers and the fight club look. If you want something ridiculous from the early 2000s, just listen to the Freddie Got Fingered review. We don’t need to bring back TNA’s cage dancers from the Asylum days. However, with how many shooters you have on the roster, this could be a vehicle to get guys over. Dolph Ziggler looked better doing faux MMA than he’s looked since he won the World Title in 2013. Erik looked great, even after weeks of being apart of a dumb gimmick. It can work. I don’t believe it’s telling the audience “this is real, everything else is fake” as they were facing nameless guys for the most part and beating them and it was outside the rules of a typical WWE match. Imagine Chad Gable looking great throwing guys twice his size around. It can work, but like with anything WWE, I’m not optimistic. 5 out of 10 show.


Brian from New York

Can’t say I had high hopes off the first segment, but I’m ready to give the Underground stuff a few weeks to see if it leads to something bigger after the rest of what it looked like. Erik looked great in his short fight and so did Ziggler, and ultimately it seemed like a good spot to build the Hurt Business and perhaps this winds up being the thing that gets Lashley ready for a Brock match, so I’m willing to see where it goes. Hell, we keep wanting to see them take the show outside of the performance center set, so at least it’s a bit refreshing. Lets just get rid of the dancers though.

Raw flowed well…McIntyre and Orton had a great back and forth and I’m genuinely excited to see how a Dominick Mysterio match goes at Summerslam.

Justin in NYC

To quote the Rock, “What in the blue hell was that?” The oddest Monday Night Raw show I’ve ever seen.

A worked shoot club in the middle of your pro wrestling show does no one any favors. The amount of quick cuts in Raw Underground was more nauseating than anything Kevin Dunn has ever produced and that covers the ground.

Oh, and there was a poisoning and a roaming band of MOLOTOV COCKTAIL hurling ne’er do wells. WTF?

breakneck pace and none of it worked. Just bizarre stuff tonight. 2/10

Oh my goodness what did I just watch … this raw was horrible if only mvp and Shelton had there championship matches in the raw underground then they would of stayed champs but Randy Orton and drew confrontation and promo by them was good and not looking forward to Bayley and asuka next week but John and Wai thanks for the excellent work .

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Alex from England

This was the first time that I’ve watched Raw live in over a year and the thing that really stood out to me is just how long this show goes on for. I have no idea how you guys do it every week.

I think, like most, my interest was piqued by the rumours surrounding Shane McMahon’s crazy idea he had for a return to some kind of Brawl For All concept. Well, we got Raw Underground and I can tell you that it was definitely not worth staying up until 4 a.m. for.

WWE took what was at least an interesting concept and totally killed it with over-production, way too many camera cuts and Shane McMahon trying to play Joe Rogan by shouting over the top of every “fight.” I just don’t understand what audience they had in mind when producing this. It’s clear that WWE’s core audience will watch whatever is put in front of them, so was this an attempt to bring back lapsed fans? If that is the case, then why would 15 minutes of “shoot fights” spread across 3 hours entice them to sit through a whole show of the same old, dry content? It just doesn’t make sense.

That combined with the other highlights of a guy getting drugged, masked hooligans throwing molotov cocktails at a generator and the absolute peak of drama when a box was…tipped over…made for a strange Raw, but not one that was strange enough to bring me back live next week. I value my sleep too much to sit through something like this again.

Noah from Vaughan Underground

The only reason I watched raw tonight was to see how horrible it would be and I was not disappointed. This show sucked, from stupid finishes like that Baszler-Asuka match to boxes falling over being noteworthy this show has just fallen off a cliff creatively. This show is getting as bad as it was during that stretch where we had drake maverick pissing himself on tv and ambrose getting shots in his ass. 1.5/10 show, only good thing was the drew and randy segment. Honestly though, I feel like in order for this show to have been worth it, we need to get WH to watch Raw Underground, and just record his reaction.

Matt from Albany

Decided to tune into raw tonight. Lots of things happening. Some with no explanation. Glad to see Vince Russo back on monday nights.

Alexander from Portland Underground

RAW Underground was everything wrong with the company, but it was the most credible Dolph Ziggler has looked in years. if it exists after SummerSlam I’ll be surprised. On a show where your United States Champion returned, reclaimed his position and snagged a new belt, Apollo felt like an afterthought after everything else that happened tonight. if The Hurt Business is locked up with whatever RAW Underground is, who does Apollo face at SummerSlam?

Chris from Orange County

Was Drew’s promo the closest we will come to WWE bringing up Randy Orton’s “literal crap” that he left in a female performer’s gym bag? I cannot imagine that this rumor is off-limits but Jeff Hardy’s demons are fair game.

Trevor from Edmonton
Hadn’t watched Raw live for quite a long time, but tonight’s episode had a lot of buzz and I decided to check it out. I thought it was a decent show.
In many ways, Raw hasn’t changed much since I watched last. There are still segments that boggle the mind and the show can drag in parts. Three hours is still way too long for a weekly TV show.

I actually didn’t mind the Raw Underground segments. I liked the presentation and I like that WWE is trying something different. But don’t know what the purpose is. What’s in it for the wrestlers to do these types of fights? Is this a separate division? There are a lot of questions, but I’m not sure I’ll be tuning in to find out the answers.

Will from Toronto…

The ratings suck and so does RAW underground… :man_facepalming:t2:

So, when is Johnny Mundo and Prince Puma gonna make an appearance on Lucha Underground, um…I mean Raw Underground??
Shane ain’t no Dario Cueto, that’s for sure

Vince must have just watched Lucha Underground.

Actually didn’t mind this show, at least they’re trying something different. Mostly fresh matches too and the promos were actually not bad - Orton/McIntyre were both great.

It did feel like they were throwing everything against the wall but at least it felt like things were happening

I actually enjoyed different parts of raw tonight. Liv/Ruby with Kevin, Sasha/Bailey/Asuka/Shayna, The hurt business, underground was so bad it was funny, Drew/Randy.