FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 8/6/18

Post your feedback & questions for tonight’s episode of Rewind-A-Raw.


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Brandon from Oshawa

There used to be a time when Monday would come and I would look forward to Raw all day. I was actually excited for it to come on. That excitement is now reserved for Being The Elite, who put out quality on a weekly basis. I’m going to try and focus on the positive though, because there were a couple things I really enjoyed. The first was Paul Heyman. I could have done without the rocking back and forth, but it was a great performance, by someone I think has been quite stale for a while. It’s felt like he found what works and he’s stuck with that and its good, but its gotten old to me. This was Heyman building on something. Showing emotion that we rarely get to see portrayed on WWE TV and I loved it. The red eyes and the stubble added so much. These little things are what other workers should be taking notes of.

The other thing I liked was the build to the main event. I thought they did a good job at making Ronda’s first Raw match feel important. They highlighted both superstars throughout the night. It was quick and fun and I’m glad that mic didnt come back and smack Ronda in the face, it looked close. I found it odd that Michael Cole told us that Ambrose wouldnt be Rollins partner. Why do you think that was done? It isnt something they usually do.

Sean from Toronto

This week I returned to watching Raw after a number of weeks off and it seems I haven’t missed too much. Thank goodness that Ronda Rousey’s first match on Raw wasn’t a total disaster or swerve, but I never want to hear Alicia Fox cut a promo ever again (she sounded like she was drunk). My only criticism is that the match was longer than it needed to be.

Also, I have to add that the new B-Team theme does fit the team better than whatever CFO$ library selection was used previously.

Mark from Vaughan

This show didn’t have much of consequence happen but I did like closing with Ronda and keeping that hook - even if the 2nd hour is typically the viewership peak for the show. It was nice to see Heyman keep his streak of appearing in different settings than he usually does. His sit-down was great. This SummerSlam build just isn’t feeling very hot.

Question: Do you feel there’s any chance Brooklyn responds to Roman in a similar way to the reaction he got in the opening segment tonight? It seems they’ve made progress in polarizing the main event in the way they want but I don’t see it sticking.

Alan, Glasgow

Although Ronda main evented Raw, it was still slightly disappointing to actually see her wrestle on Raw in such a shitty match up. Her first ever match on Raw and it’s against Alicia Fox? It could have and should have been something they kept for a huge Raw ie the one after Mania.

What do you guys see happening in the ME of Summerslam? I can see Reigns beating Brock and Brock losing his shit and attacking Reigns leading to a Strowman cash in. I think they need something more in store than Reigns simply beating Lesnar in front of that crowd.

Bill & Alex - Orlando

We were at the show and right off the bat more cheers for Roman than usual. Slowly but surely the audience is getting more behind him. Ok first match but a bit of a waste in how they used Finn. The Kevin Owens show was fun as it happened right in front of us. We were really hoping for Dean when Roman was removed from the match. The crowd was extremely dissappointed he never showed. Alex had a moment of tears, she’s a big fan. Looked like Paul Heyman was having a heart attack that whole segment. Ronda match was good, crowd really popped for all of it. To us, it looked like Foxy tapped out before Ronda even got the arm bar on, did you guys see that too or did we miss it? Not a bad show. Less empty seats than last week. We rated it a 6 crying Alex’s out of 10 due to no Dean, a big letdown of the tag match, etc.

Matt in the 604

Any word on the return of Ruby Riott, and do you think they are building up for a women’s tag division, or is this just filler for the Hugs and Boss Connection?

Holy forking shirtballs, just when you think Heyman has gotten stale over the years, he goes and cuts an Oscar worthy promo that reminds you why he’s the best in the game. That was something they’ll be referencing for years.

Between Bayley referencing the Woman’s Tag Division on Instagram & her & Sasha still having prominent tag matches so close to Summer Slam, what is the likelihood that by/at Evolution there are women’s tag titles?

Finally, I just want to give a huge thank you for such outstanding work on the G1 this year, it’s been simply outstanding, some of your best work at the Post Office, and I wanted to express my enormous gratitude.

John from Jacksonville

          I was in attendance tonight this was the first Monday Night Raw in months that I've watched from start to finish. I know this sounds redundant by now but the 3-hour runtime is way too exhausting there was so much WWE advertisement I thought I was watching a YouTube clip with ADD rolls. I didn't like the tease of Dean Ambrose I felt like the live audience kind of got jipped I suppose he's coming next week?Pluses of the night Seth Rollins got a really good reaction tonight and continues to prove in my opinion he should be in a higher spot on the card,  Elias was amusing, and I didn't think Bobby Lashley came off that bad either. Ronda Rousey was what people were waiting for and she delivered this was another great showing for her. I was really curious to see if Alicia Fox would get any Hometown fanfare considering Ponte Vedra Beach is less than an hour away from here she did get a smattering of chants and cheers which I wanted to bring up specifically because I feel like one of our chants that continued throughout the night probably sounded like we were booing on T.V the crowd was actually chanting DUVAL it's a local Jacksonville chant then more or less has to do with our NFL team the Jaguars. In closing I didn't hate this show even though the runtime was long keep up the good work guys thanks