FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 9/14/20

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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David from Tejas

Hey guys! Hope all is well. Today’s edition of RAW was a bit better than expected. The bright spots are The Dominik/Rollins storyline as well as Drew/Keith Lee. Dominik is slowly but surely coming into his own. Keith Lee is also handling the call up really well. Smackdown is the better show for me however as I cannot wait for Sasha Banks on Friday. By the way have you decided what platform you will use for the live Friday? Peace!

7 washington football team sacks out 10

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Paul from New Jersey

After watching the New York Giants stink up the field like only they can, I tuned into RAW & I can assure you, no barista’s care about the WWE tag division. Another word salad promo from Retribution. Lead guy sounds like Mansoor. Really enjoyed the steel cage match & I actually enjoy Shayna/Nia in the ring together, but whose bright idea was it to put them on commentary? Peyton Royce singles push already stalling. 3 missed field goals out of 10.


Andrew from Cape Breton

So the Retribution angle continued, and I know she’s kinda been seen with the group but I’m really happy for Mercedes Martinez. She’s turning 40 this year, I remember seeing her in the very first Shimmer main event in 2005 against Sara Del Rey, and it’s amazing to see how far she’s come and the opportunities she’s finally able to have. Since she’s been around for a few weeks, I’m guessing she’s going to be one of the figureheads along with Dijakovic and the main people in the promo tonight that John reported on. Cedric Alexander looks a lot less like a geek then he has teaming with Ricochet and the Hurt Business is probably the best thing that’s ever happened to him in his career. The main negative of tonight was Braun Strowman and his terrible attempts at real fighting. He seemed really clunky and with him, it looks like they’re getting away from the shooters who can work a certain style, to trying to rebuild him after his Universal Title loss. Ok show overall, 5 Pineapple Pete sightings out of 10.

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Mateo here from San Mateo

I seriously don’t know how you guys watch this show each and every single Monday for THREE HOURS?!
What the hell kind of ending to Raw was that?!
So many camera cuts I seriously was getting sick…

Anyways God bless you guys and feel so bad. I’m seriously thinking of upping my patronage for you two.
1/10 show

Btw love the mma coverage and the Brandon from New Jersey segments. Always makes me laugh.

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