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Jesse From Cincinnati! A newsworthy WWE Raw even going head to head with a Doubleheader of MNF but Endeavor/TKO Group and the WWE Universe is seems to be “torn” of choosing between Rock & Cody as Roman’s Rival for WrestleMania 40 in Philly even with David Lagreca’s rant on Busted Open Radio towards The Rock and with Asuka & Iyo Sky and KAIRI Sane’s “farewell” STARDOM match weeks between do you want KAIRI Sane’s WWE return to happen in Survivor Series in Chicago even if it overshadows a possible Punk WWE return or save it for the 2024 Women’s Royal Rumble in the “Pirate City” of Tampa at the Trop which is best known as the 2nd home of the “WWE ThunderDome”

Mannie from pacoima

Pretty (deadly! Yes boy!!!) enjoyable raw.
Kofi vs Ivar was a solid match and the moonsault had me cheering for Ivar to get the win
Ciampa vs Der ring general should be a straight up brawl when it happens.
With wwe starting their california loop, the aztec warrior battle of dominik vs dragon lee is enough to make me want to make the trip to Ontario, whether it happens or not its on me UCE, day one ish!

Now onto Nia jax. Now that her gimmick is them leaning into her injuring people, chelsea should harness the power of the tag title curse and use it on nia thus ridding wwe of the evil!!!
Yes boy!!! Toodles

A solid episode that put an end to the last temptation of Jey Uso. Cody bookending the show by having Jey’s back when Drew couldn’t let go of what he did years ago makes total sense. Kofi/Ivar was surprisingly good and it was neat to see Dragon Lee pop up.

I don’t think the NA title match next week will end without any treachery. I’d bet No Mercy will make it a triple threat match.