FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 9/2/19

What did you think of tonight’s Raw?

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Paul from New Jersey

AJ made some funny observations. Lacey stinks. Bayley cut a good promo. Jobbers getting mic time was entertaining. The Baltimore crowd had some funny moments like a Waterboy inspired Corbin sucks chant as well as the signs “Sir Mo is my hero” and “You’re all jealous of Bertha Faye”. The KOTR three way was kind of stupid. Draws are losses bro. This weeks FireFly Funhouse is my favorite thus far. 7.

Sam from Melbourne

Was home from work today and got a rare chance to watch the show live in Australia.

It had me wishing I had recorded it so I could fast forward through bits like I usually do, honestly found it very boring.

AJ’s promo was great and Bailey actually doing something remotely interesting were the only real highlights for me.

I thought draws were traditionally counted as losses in KoTR?

Love the show guys.

Jay from Colorado

I think tonight made it even more evident that Baron Corbin is going to win the tournament. I’m honestly at the point where I don’t hate the idea anymore. He’s got so much nuclear level heat, I kind of want to see where it goes.

That ending though. That’s all I ever wanted for Bailey character. Maybe next week’s she comes out to an obnoxious dubstep death metal version of her theme and instead of Bailey Buddies we just get giant inflatable middle fingers. That would be spectacular. Correct me if I’m wrong, but will this be her first heel run in the company?

Sean from Toronto

It kind of says a lot about this episode of Raw when the thing I remember most is the jobber tag team that faced the Viking Raiders. Sadly, it seems that they are going to rush The Fiend into the title picture. Then again, who else makes sense for Hell in a Cell?

The Bailey heel turn was long overdue, but pulling it off mere seconds before the show went off the air is not the route to go. It also makes her seem like Sasha Banks’ lackey, despite being Smackdown Champion. I guess they now have to make Charlotte face or else their match at Clash of Champions won’t have anyone to root for.

Brandon from Oshawa

How do you get a triple threat match, in the semi finals of a 1 on 1 tournament? Only in WWE logic can that possibly happen.

Austin is going to be on Raw, Undertaker on Smackdown. Does The Fiend lay one of them out? Should he lay one of them out or should it be someone else?

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Finally, Bailey turns heel. I would love a Io Shirai type of turn. Lose the pony tail, no bailey buddies, dark music and clothes.

I’d have him lay both out to build him to Hell in a Cell.

I rather him interfere in the match and mysteriously appear in the Cell. Forcing a three way at the next big show. No need to rush this three way. I rather see him as a supernatural menace than just another guy in a title program.