FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 9/21/20

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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Paul from New Jersey

This Retribution stuff is just boring. It’s just lazy hyperbole. Everyone excited for The Street Profits Vs. Garza & Andrade again? Me neither. At least Vince McMahon remembered that Peyton Royce & Bianca Belair exist. Hooray for small miracles. Who could have called Randy Orton interfering in the McIntyre/Lee match? Lee has been in five matches on the main roster that have concluded in a no contest.Tapped out after the Peyton/Asuka non match nonsense. At least you guys get paid to watch this nonsense. I have no excuse. I don’t like being this negative, but WWE creative is in a massive slump. 2.

Wai’s Cowboys 2-0. Currently undefeated.



Noah from Vaughan

Jeez, where do I even start with this show.

  • 60 camera cuts in the less than 2-minute raw underground fight between Ruas and Ziggler, I think im still dizzy from that

  • I have no idea why they are doing Garza and Andrade vs Street Profits Again when the profits are 7-0-1(NC) in their 8 tag matches since March, which seems like way too many for these two teams.

  • Slapjack, Tbar and Mace are 3 of the worst wrestling names I’ve ever heard, Retribution is worse than the Dark order ever was Pre-Brodie. I shudder to think what names Mia and Mercedes will end up getting.

The 13 minute BTE today was better than this 3 hour raw and it’s not close

Jesse à MTL

Do you remember? The 21st night of September
Seth Rollins abandoned his own partner
Which gave a win to Garza & Andradeyyyyyy
Bah dee ya, Retribution made us all frown
Bah dee ya, Raw is much much worse than SmackDown
Bah dee ya, I’ll watch Dallas versus Tampa Bayyyyyy


Nick from Lansing

Raw some how feels put together at the last minute and over produced at the same time. The 24/7 is beyond unfunny now, even with R Truth trying his hardest. Retribution makes no sense at this point. They refuse WWE’s money but Mercedes was on NXT last week. The names are rightfully getting roasted, the whole angle feels like it’s dying a slow death

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I tried watching RAW today for the first time in 6 months. This show was the absolute drizzling shits. I couldn’t care for anybody on this show. Nobody feels important, nobody feels protected, nobody feels motivated and nobody feels compelling.

See ya in 6 months!


Kash from Ajax

We live in a time where there is SO MUCH quality television at our fingertips. Why anyone would want to sit through this garbage is beyond me. I get that some people don’t mind shutting off their brain for a couple of hours in the evening, but this show is asking people to shut off their brain, close their eyes, and plug their ears to enjoy the show.

There are so many quality wrestlers who are in their peak that are just drowning in this cesspool. Do you guys have an update on the contract statuses of Ricochet, Kevin Owens, and Aldrade? These guys would kill it in AEW.

Brian from New York

Wow…that was something of a main event. Looking forward to Retribution eventually running through all the WWE stables and teams until there’s only one left standing: a returning Truth Commission! Slapjack, T-Bar, and Mace vs. Kurrgan, Recon, Sniper and Tank. The ultimate showdown. Too bad The Jackyl is busy.

In all seriousness, at least they were nice enough to Dijak, Maddon, and Thorne to hide their faces and names so they can get a second chance without this gimmick somewhere down the line.

Something I liked about Raw? They seem to have done an about-face in regards to keeping the IIconics apart. In a division that is sorely lacking contenders for Asuka, starting Peyton Royce’s singles run from scratch didn’t make a ton of sense and she’ll be far stronger as a heel with a second than without one. Also hopefully the vignette tonight was the start of something tangible for Bianca Belair. Once the Zelina Vega program is over, there isn’t really any good reason to keep Bianca out of the title picture. Might as well position her at the top while the rest of the division is rebuilding.

It probably was. That is the Vinnie Mac way after all.