FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 9/23/19

What did you think of Raw?

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Paul from New Jersey

Glad to see the Viking Raiders getting a reaction from the crowd. After the whole name and debut fiasco, I thought they might’ve been dead on arrival. The crowd booed hearing the name Hogan. Proud of you San Francisco. The Edmonton affair might be my favorite thing Lacey Evans has ever done. Speaking of affairs, Renee mentioning Mella and Graves together was playfully odd. I believe Renee also said Rusev is back after a month. Must be metric or something. Happy for the Billie Kay sighting even though she is a 24/7 scrub now. I don’t ask for much. 7.

Question for Cowboy, was the King Corbin remix better than previous remixes of the kabuki variety?

Will From Toronto.

Had an incredibly long day and fell asleep watching RAW but was awoken to whatever that annoying sound is that is attached to The Fiend. I’m absolutely loving that whole gimmick but I just can’t help but think they’re gonna throw all the hype out the window at the next PPV


The Fiend is the best executed idea and gimmick since when…?

Why is Rollins just sitting in the corner stupefied? Is it my dislike of what Seth had become or is that so cowardly.

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Andy from Columbus

Very strong outing tonight, and I give a lot of credit to a hot crowd in the new building. Add to that lots of good wrestling and no Mike and Maria, you’ve got yourself an 8 out of 10.

My one major qualm is with Seth’s Fiendphobia. I know he’s supposed to be really scary, but I think they’re doing some damage to who is supposedly their top babyface with every passing week that he cowers in fear.

This was my first time seeing wrestling live! It was really fun, this episode of RAW didn’t seem that good thought. All of the seats weren’t filled and I was surprised at how cheap these tickets were. From being here the Fiend, Rey , and Charlotte (in a dark match) got the biggest pops of the night. I’m torn on if I should go to smack down. Thanks for everything guys!

Chris from Pennsylvania,

Lots of good stuff tonight. The Fiend is always a highlight of the show, and oddly enough, the same can be said for Baron Corbin now.

I was curious to know how long you guys think the Seth/Bray match will go at the PPV? The way they have been building The Fiend, it feels like he should win in convincing fashion. But with this being a Hell in a Cell match, I can’t see them only going 8-10 minutes. How do you guys think that should be handled?

Brandon from Oshawa

I was going to come here and complain about Seth Rollins, but I see others have already done so, which continues to tell me, that this guy is one of the worst top babyfaces, in recent memory. Unfortunately, all this leads to is Rollins gaining a new name, in the Fiend Slayer and Bray Wyatt once again losing in a big match. There are now multiple outs for them to get out of giving him the title with Undertaker possibly avenging Kane and now Strowman potentially getting revenge.

I personally hope Wyatt wins the title and stays on Raw, make it the more “entertainment” based show and Smackdown with Lesnar as champion and the more “sports” based product.

Jon from the 810

This was a tough watch. I commend you guys for doing this every week. I’ve actually gone back into the archives and listened to your WCW New Blood Rising watch along from your 6th anniversary show. This was MUCH more entertaining than this episode of RAW. Feel like the crowd is already tiring of the Fiend. That along with a very tiring act of Braun Strowman made this show drag. 2 out of 10. Makes me appreciate NXT that much more and can’t wait for AEW to begin.

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Alexander from Portland

Congrats to Bray Wyatt, he’s become the most over star in WWE and he barely wrestles. Not a fan of King Corbin’s theme but I dig his wardrobe (commentary made way too many Game of Throne references). Very excited for AoP, curious why they were initially given Drake Maverick when they’re both good promos. Very fun show overall.

Question: with Lesnar getting the next title shot from Kofi, where do you see Randy Orton going next? I can’t see that next program for him on Smackdown but he’s such a utility player that I don’t want him drafted to RAW. Personally I would love to see him go to NXT and have a storyline similar to Cesaro and Zayn.

I was thinking the same thing MJ… Rollins is cowering in the corner completely terrified and it really makes him look like a weak champion

He is scared of the Fiend, he was Becky’s Boyfriend. He’s really held some dumb roles as champion. But I have clearly just grown tired of him and maybe he’s what the kids like. He was always better served being a CMPunk lite opposed to a John Cena lite. But when Ambrose left, he became a mouthpiece for Vince and it just feels like that was a turning point for him being a lifelong Corporate stooge.


There is part of me that thinks he is just wrong for being the guy in WWE. He is talented but he was more over with the IC belt than he is now. He also doesn’t really seem to thrive on the WWE mold as a guy who does the same 5 moves over and over (he does it I just don’t think it works for him). I don’t mind him being afraid, my worry is that it will lead to the story about him “surviving and persevering.” Or whatever and overcoming his fear to defeat the fiend and it is too early for the fiend to lose.

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