FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 9/28/20

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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Paul from New Jersey

I enjoyed the opening of the show. Zelina Vega has done a good job on her own and I would like to see more of her in the ring. Glad to see Dana Brooke getting some television time. She was clearly called up way too early, but has very much improved overtime. Poor Drew Gulak. Definitely a better show than the last few weeks, but still a 5.

Wai’s Cowboys pull off a dramatic come from behind victory on Monday night to remain undefeated at 3-0.

Noah From Vaughan

So after doing some checking, I found out that Apollo after tonight has had 14 straight matches against the Hurt Business since june That is just absurd. Raw seriously feels like its been the exact same show for like 4 months, programs that are never ending (Angel/Andrade v Street Profits, Mysterios vs Rollins/Murphy, Hurt business vs Apollo, Ricochet, Ali). Owens vs Black was just terrible becuase before the match started, I was 100% certain it was ending in a DQ, This show shouldn’t be so predictable that a matches with 2 big names ends in a crap finish more often than not. With a big Monday night football game and Stanley cup final, I’d expect this is gonna take a big hit tomorrow when the ratings come out. BTE was excellent today, highly recomend people check out Christopher Daniels emotional promo from that episode, it was better than anything on this episode of raw

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Alexander from Portland

Tonight left me with so many questions. How can I be excited to see Ali when he returned a few months ago, pinned US Champion Lashley in his return match, and nothing happened? While The Hurt Business is the best group on RAW they’ll feel so stale if they move on from feuding with Apollo to feuding with Apollo’s friend. What did Zelina do since yesterday to earn a title shot? What’s the point of the 24/7 Title actually being defended in a match if the title switches hands so much outside of matches? Why were Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke placed in a tag match on RAW when they were both on SmackDown and the floating champions could have visited them there? Lastly, are we led to believe Big Show, Christian, Ric Flair, and Shawn Michaels chose not to watch Drew McIntyre’s title defense and instead play cards? I’d have rather played 52-card pickup than watch this show. 2/10

Ben from Vancouver

Well it was miles better than last week. Actually really enjoyed Black and Owens a lot and Roode was a nice surprise.

But the Rollins/Mysterio stuff is middle school level acting. It’s completely embarrassing.

And was Raw Underground all just a weird dream? Zero mention of it unless I missed something.

Worse acting chops: Aaliyah or Dana Brooke?

5/10 show

For the first time in a long time I decided to attempt to watch Raw in its entirety tonight. Much to my surprise, I survived.

After last week’s review of Raw and it being widely panned on social media, I thought it would be either a trainwreck or amazing. It was somewhere in between. I did however enjoy the show as a whole.

Just a couple of thoughts:

Aliyah needs to take slapping lessons from Stephanie McMahon.

Dude with the AEW sign during the six man tag, come on dude. You signed up for the ThunderDome for that? Are you Chris Jericho?

Same six man tag, did Mustafa Ali just pick up a victory on Raw along side Ricochet and Apollo Crews?

The tease throughout the show as to who would challenge Drew Mcintyre was intriguing. I am a fan of Bobby Roode, but not sure how well it went over with the rest of the audience.

Did the lack of the worst gimmick of the year help the show? Probably.

Much love, wear a mask

Justin from NYC,

Nothing ever happens and nothing really matters. Just a boring, meaningless brand where the only thing that happens are endless rematches. Just awful stuff as usual.

Tenese from GA

This show was hot garbage filled senseless melodrama and humor that wouldn’t even make a toddler laugh. On a bright side I dig the Bianca Belair Mr Perfect like vignettes, she needs to be in the ring asap.

Take care guys.