FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 9/7/20

What did you think of WWE Raw?

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Paul from New Jersey

The IICONIC Powers explode! Thought Peyton & Billie had a pretty good match, but have no credibility as it pertains to them. I give it less than a year before they’re put back together. Glad Cedric finally turned & Murphy should have a match every week. He’s so talented. Between McIntyre & retribution, Adam Pierce is going to be in big trouble. 5. Looking forward to facing off against Wai’s Cowboys in Post fantasy football.

Nick from Lansing

Man, Vince just hates seeing friends getting along right now. Cedric turned on Ricochet and Apollo, Peyton turned on Billie, Seth turned on Buddy, Garza turned on Andrade and Zelina, Bayley turned on Sasha, Alexa seems to be turning on Nicki, are there any I missed? I thought it was over all an alright show, and I did actually like Cedric joining the Hurt Business. KO and Alister in the Underground was entertaining and two people who creative with the environment, even if breaking it for commercials and other matches was weird.

Alexander from Portland

What is with WWE splitting up tag teams? With the state of the tag divisions on RAW and SmackDown, why not combine the belts and have floating champions? Congrats to Cedric for joining The Hurt Business, hopefully this leads to a push. Congrats also go to Drew McIntyre, who took three punts and recovered in a week. While he returned far too early, showing up in the arena in an ambulance was a fantastic visual. WWE has had such a fascination with ambulances lately and I’m all for it. 5/10

Ben from Vancouver

So are we to believe that KO and Black fought for 25 minutes in the underground?

Shouldn’t Keith Lee be pissed at Drew for causing him to lose by DQ twice now to Orton? Also, why do we still know nothing about Lee? Joe called him a “monolith” and Cole called him enthusiastic and astonishing. Great character development.

Actually liked the Cedric turn and the 8-man match, highlight of the show for me.

Nia and Shayna acting is not good. The show really fell off a cliff in hour three other than Dominik/Murphy.

5/10 show

I would have liked to understand Retribution’s motivations but I don’t speak gibberish.

Also, can we establish that Adam Pearce is the GM ?