FEEDBACK: WWE Raw Reunion 7/22/19

What did you think of Raw Reunion?

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Jay from Colorado

Hey since I’m now part of the WWE family, as are you, I think we need to talk about maybe having an intervention for Vince McMahon. Families don’t let each other make mistakes, and families especially don’t let each other book pointless reunion shows with more cringe moments than nostalgia. Legends returning just isn’t special anymore. I feel like we just did this a few months ago. We were told months ago that we are the authority and now we are told that we are part of the WWE family, damn guys if that’s true we are really dropping the ball here.

The 24/7 stuff was slightly entertaining but wow did it highlight how bad some of the WWE alumni are at acting. Alundra Blaze calling herself the 24 Champion may have been the highlight.

Brays involvement with Mick Foley made no sense. And while it was cool to see home again, it felt more forced than anything. I hope they aren’t completely done with his split personality, as I would love to see angles where people are expecting the fiend, but we get happy go lucky children’s show host Bray instead.

And why was Alicia Fox being treated like an Alumni? Dammit, she’s way too underutilized, and I feel like they’ve given up on her. Her new ring attire is fire. Why can’t we have more Alicia Faaaaawwwwks?

That nonsensical Austin rant at the end about South Africa pretty much summed up the entire show. Wtf just happened, and why? I feel cold, dirty and I need to take a shower.

To quote Dewey from Malcom in the Middle, “I expected nothing and I’m still let down.”


Jalen from Pickering,

That might have actually been worse than RAW 25, and I went in with lower expectations. Pointless is the perfect word for this show. They’ll remind us about titles going into trash cans 20 years ago, but wanna pretend like the clique/NWO/DX reunion is still interesting, and act like they weren’t buddies with the club last year.
WWE = We Waste Everyone


Paul from New Jersey

If I had to sum up this show, it would be fun/awkward. Bray attacking Foley was cool and Becky sounded like a killer. I cannot express how tired of DX. I am.

Question: How much do you think some of these returning performers get paid for something like this?

P.S. Corey Graves is amazing. He had a lot of great lines tonight. Steve Austin was terrific and probably wasted.

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Alexander from Portland

The 24/7 Championship, oh pardon, 24 Championship shenanigans were meh. Nothing was funny and it was hard to care about who won the title when you knew it would change hands constantly. WWE used this episode to have fun, but after a while the fun felt so forced. If you didn’t have your nostalgia glasses on this episode had nothing at all to offer. I had so many questions about tonight. Why not set up Undertaker and McIntyre tonight? Why was Alicia Fox on stage with all the legends at the end? Why was Alicia Fox in a ring with so many people drinking beer? Is Stone Cold’s gimmick that he’s an alcoholic? What the hell is Samoa Joe going to do at SummerSlam after losing to both Kofi and Roman? Did WWE really pay travel expenses for guys like RVD, Angle, Sergeant Slaughter, and more to just stand and do nothing? And most importantly, where the fuck was Sid? This show sucked.

Question: Did you see the commercial of the Jamaican man appearing to masturbating a giraffe to ejaculate Skittles? What was that?

Andrew from Cape Breton

So before I give feedback, I want to tell a quick story I heard years ago. Apparently Vince McMahon forgot he fired Jimmy Yang, so when Yang showed up at a WWE event with a date to see friends and impress her by looking like a famous person, Vince found him wanted him to do the High Spirits bump that the Spirit Squad did through a table to show Shawn Michaels it was safe. Jimmy told Vince he didn’t work there anymore, and Vince said he would fix that. My question is, did WWE forget that Alicia Fox is still on the main roster? Did she get quietly released, or did they forget about Alicia and she didn’t want to tell them she was still on the main roster so she could get some TV time? This needs some investigation.

As far as the show goes, a lot of the cameos weren’t really offensive, but I think one thing they could have done was debut a new act to attack DX and the NWO guys and help the OC. Maybe bring in the Undisputed Era and all 7 of those guys could attack the old guys and you have a new, over faction. But instead, the OC got punked out, and now the only thing people can think of is whether they’re going back to California, right back where they started from. Another thing they could have done was put people in matches with people returning who could still bump, and gets some wins over them. The highlight was Bray Wyatt using the mandible claw on Mick Foley, now establishing a new finisher. The stars of the past are the real stars anyway, unlike the schmucks wrestling on the main roster today. 5 Softball games Sid played to skip this show out of 10 show.

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Noah from Vaughan

These reunion shows are getting more and more pointless. Aside from the mick foley segment, nothing on this show used the legends to help some current day superstars get over. With three weeks before their second biggest weekend of the year, it’s just remarkable how little they did tonight to promote summerslam. Side note, I was watching a bit of the show with my dad, who would be classified as a very casual fan, and he said this show reeked of desperation and was terrible. And I would agree


This was the most “meh” RAW in a while. I had mixed emotions because I was genuinely really interested but quickly I lost interest. I did pop for Ron Simmons grabbing the megaphone from Jimmy Hart. The show had some fun segments, but often it felt like a bit of a struggle for most of them. The NXT champs were hilarious.

For me, Seth trying to be funny just doesn’t work, I think he should let his exceptional athleticism do the talking, then Bray Wyatt showing up but I felt he looked bad by beating up poor Mick Foley. Some folks may feel different. Becky still is bad ass, and I liked the look Natalya had, I hope she loses the cat ears and gets more serious.

RAW tonight ended up reminding me of a date I went on with an ex I wanted to get back together with, where we did all the things we did on our first date and other memorable things. My friends told me this was a horrible idea. They were right.



Chris Thunder from Down Under.

Had the day off work so got to watch LIVE for the first time in a few months.

As an reunion show this was everything one could want, returning guests, jokes referencing the past, and a few supprises.

However, the problem is this isn’t a one-off reunion show, this is a 52 shows a year series. Progression towards SummerSlam was minimum as best, and worst of all the current wrestlers seem lesser when standing next to the legends reviving a heros welcome!

Most confusing of all was Michael Cole saying, and I quote, “AJ Styles stated, the OC means Original Official Only Club that matters.”. Hang on wouldn’t that make it THE OOOC?!

2 “Is this Raw 25” out of 10!

Question: Is the fact that Patterson & Brisco have held more singles championships this decade in WWE then someone like a Brawn Strowman signs of how bad they struggle to get people over?

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Hey guys ,

Uhh what the hell was that show. Because of some power outages in the area, I watched raw tonight at my mom’s house. Her an my
step dad are old fans so I thought it would be fun to watch this show tonight. Instead it was just me at times embarrassed to even be watching, an explaining what the 24/7 belt was. all the old talent got over with my mom, my stepdad liked Braun, they both checked out around 9:30 an asked how could I watch this for 3hours. Good question , because I think this show was awful 4 roll up pins out of 10.


Dave from Hamilton,

Being the first Raw I’ve watched in months I was hoping for a bit more. WWE parades out Legends to boost ratings but doesn’t really use them to put current stars over. The segments with the Legends and the 24/7 title was dull, but R-Truth and Maverick redeemed it.

Most of the in ring segments that included legends saw them putting themselves over at the expense of main roster stars. One notable exception being Bray Wyatt.

I really didn’t like the segment with The OC. It seemed like WWE was trying to heat up the faction only to have them take two big steps back when they backed down to a bunch of old guys who more or less limped their way to the ring…and Seth Rollins. This is a similar to the burial the Revival got at Raw 1000 except they took finishers from DX.

These reunion shows are little more than short-term band-aid solutions. If they can’t figure out ways to use these Legends to drive storylines or put over current roster stars then what is the point?

5 underwhelmed sighs out of 10

P.S: Thank you for RAR, RASD and your G1 coverage it makes my commute so much more tolerable.


Alan from Ireland

Attempted to watch RAW live for the first time in about 8 years.
You could certainly tell this reunion show wasn’t scheduled until it was announced a few weeks back. The 24/7 segments were tepid at best. Joe Vs Reigns was about the only highlight, maybe the solid Rollins promo as well. Is it just me or are these nostalgic shows getting sadder and sadder each passing year. I swear Hogan has done the exact same promo on WWE television for the last 10+ years. Austin was his usual engaging self but to what end. And seeing Cena in the opening segment made me realise how much they miss a babyface presence like him. How long before they introduce a Legend’s Wildcard Rule ?

Pointless out of 10



The best part was when Cory broke Michael Cole, they laughed, I Iaughed, we all did together. It’s a problem when the best thing on a show is an unintentional break…

I don’t understand how this episode got made but I want to stay positive and focus on the good parts

  • above mentioned brandi rodes flub, genuinely funny as it just seemed like an honest and unintentional line, poor randy rhoads who apparently IS a guitarist for Ozzy

  • Bray’s 30 seconds

  • the 24/7 segments enjoyable as always

  • cena, the Usos, and the opening 15


Ps, wai thanks for sharing the simi liu tweet about the Farewell; really love seeing and trying to support these Indies so skipping smackdown to catch the 7 pm instead… Marvel money well spent that makes me want to spend my money

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Trevor from Brampton



Brand frm da Jerz

My dearest geezers

Been a minute since we spoke this show has brought a lot of reviews hell im prob not gonna make the cut but I understand. This episode felt like the new face app gone bad. What was the purpose besides pop a rating? The only saving grace was Bray being passed the mandible claw but other than that felt dirty especially with Terry “White Hood” Bolea gracing us. Anywhoo


-who benefits from the Moxley run at G1 NJPW or A &W and what happens when he loses? Also if these companies aren’t on speaking terms what is the point of this run

-how do you feel about Ontario’s influencers becoming a part of Doug Ford’s inner circle

-sep at birth Israel Adeysana and Ronnie Devoe from Bell biv

-did you feel dirty watching Greg Hardy and Manny Pacioretty this weekend I did but hey I know the deal

-soon Toronto soon

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Maybe he had a soft ball game.


Why didn’t they use the final segment to shoot an angle?

Larry from Massachusetts

Best moment on the show was the street prophet’s referencing weed smoking with rvd on national TV. 420 out of 10.

Kurt Angle has been through enough. Why would you want to shoot him?


Canadians wanna know Wai about Doug ford and his circle, why are you ducking the question

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