FEEDBACK: WWE Royal Rumble 2023

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Luk from Quebec!

I enjoyed the show, I thought both Rumble matches were quite good, very well structured and better than those in recent years. I liked how the eliminations were not as fast, making each person feel more important. Star-making performance from Gunther in case anyone wasn’t already convinced the guy is awesome. Women’s match was also very good even though few of the women are over with the crowd, was a lot smoother than previous ones that were often pretty sloppy. Having Rhea win from number 1 was great and well deserved, she’s been killing it both in and outside of the ring.

Final angle was an absolute masterpiece of storytelling, one of the best angles this company has ever done. It sucks for Cody but his run could not be happening at a worst moment,I don’t think you can get around finishing this story with Sami, Cody will have his chance again in the future.

Brandon from Oshawa

We can praise the Bloodline story to the moon, but realistically, why in the hell would Kevin Owens ever team with Sami Zayn after the amount of things the Bloodline has done to him? And why should we give a shit about this story, when its going to just end with them winning the tag team titles, which we have been trained to not care about?

There is no room for Cody Rhodes to be involved here. It is a massive disconnect after this numerous month story.

Ross from Saratoga

The closing angle was one of the hottest WWE has produced in years, and this storyline has been near perfection. Re-book however you have to, but the main event of WrestleMania Night 2 absolutely has to be Sami Zayn vs. Roman Reigns after tonight. Cody going for the title is a nice story, but Sami and the Bloodline is a legendary one. Imagine the reaction if the angle had opened the show and Sami won the Rumble from the #30 spot to end the night.

Do you feel if they can explain them teaming together in storyline that Sami, Owens and Jey vs Roman, Jimmy, and Solo is a big enough match for Montreal if he is not going for the title? Or is it too soon for Jey to fight against the Bloodline.

Nas from NYC

That ending was the single greatest emotionally charged segment of pro wrestling I’ve ever witnessed. That was so so good. All 6 individuals involved played their part so so well. Went above and beyond even my highest of expectations. Just absolutely unreal storytelling. I cannot wait to see what’s next. Hats off to everyone involved.

Saeed from Vancouver.

I felt after the men’s rumble the show took a nose dive before the women’s picked it up again. The main event was amazing and the story telling was incredible.

They had since extreme rules to book the Knight and Bray match and this is what they came up with? I don’t even know what to say anymore for Bray.

Tommy from Scotland

My prevailing thought on tonight’s event is the distinct lack of representation and significant moments for black wrestlers in the rumble matches, particularly the women’s one. It’s shameful but not surprising given Paul’s history on and off screen.

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Robbie from London, Ontario

First WWE show I’ve watched since Summerslam and I have to say, I enjoyed it a lot. Both Rumble matches were huge improvements from last year, and that main event. May have been the drinks I had, but the main event was just the right amount of drama for me. The acting from Sami looking conflicted with tears, Jey being distraught and the boss energy from Reigns really had me! Where do you guys think it’s going from here? Sami vs Reigns in Montreal? 8/10 show

Best Rumble… What a show. The Bloodline and the predictable machinations mean nothing when a story told is this well.

And Rhea Ripley is a perfect choice for winning the Rumble.

The Rhodes to wrestle mania is risked being overshadowed by the Bloodline vs. Zayn story.

Jey Uso’s walk out was an additional heartbreak that lays out an even more compelling story going forward.

Mannie from pacoima

Wow that ending!!! What a story, its almost eclipsed cody winning the rumble I feel.
The mens rumble was fun. The pitch black match reminded me of batman forever and i loved the UV lighting. As a Bray fan i enjoyed seeing the paint bray had on and his new luchador mask.

How will the MAGA powers coexist after raquel eliminated Lacey?

Jey leaving was something i didnt expect and its added more to the story. Thank you for the best of 7 series get some well deserved rest

Conner from London, UK

Hey guys, first time long time.

The Academy may have to put ‘Royal Rumble 23’ in the Best Picture category after that closing segment. What an amazing storyline they have crafted.

Both Rumble matches had great finishes, but, as most Rumbles are, the rest of the match was pretty boring. They should look to 2001 on how to make entire match interesting, not just the end.

Question: How do you see the Bloodline story ending, and the matches that come out of tonight?

Thanks for the show as always :heart:

The final post-match angle feels like the only thing that people are going to remember about the show, and it was a great payoff to this segment of the Sami/ Bloodline story. I really liked the added twist of having Jey, Roman’s first title challenger, questioning himself. It adds a new and unexpected element.

I didn’t love the strategy of having the first entrant go the entire rumble in both matches but I did feel like Gunther and Rhea looked very strong coming out, so I guess that means it worked? Although she didn’t win, I also thought Asuka felt like a big deal for the first time in a long time and I hope that they’ll have her go after Charlotte to get her win back at Mania.

I liked most of the men’s rumble but the rest of the show was pretty tiresome, including the Roman/ Kevin match which was the weakest of the ones they’ve had. (That might have been partly planned, since it was just an appetizer to get to the post-match.)

The angle at the end certainly avoids the usual problem of feeling like things are in a holding pattern until Mania, at least for Roman, since he has this big program in the interim with Sami built in, but Cody feels like an afterthought coming out of tonight. The crowd even seemed to lean towards Rollins over him when they were in the match together.

If you’re WWE, do you rush the Roman/ Sami story to get it out of the way before the home stretch to Mania?


Jermaine from Chicago. Hi wade and John. A few of my rumble thoughts. Nai Jax was an unsafe worker and a lot of women didn’t want to work with her. What will change in this second run? Does hunter have a plan for these people he bring back or is it just for a pop? I love how my smackdown champion Gunther is being treated. He should be the champion of smackdown and Cody the champ of raw that’s how I see it. Bray Wyatt had 3/4 months to get in to ring shape he didn’t. Or time off to work on his in ring he didn’t. The man should transition to a mouth piece. His matches aren’t good. Hunter can do a lot better with the women because most of that rumble was dead. Lastly, look Roman doesn’t need the tittle. Too often his matches become vehicles for angles like the one tonight. No investment for a match we seem 15 times. Do your bloodline stuff but don’t hold up the tittles, it’s too much wrestling show for that. Not the best rumble show, not the worst. Cody, please save us folk who watch raw each week thx