FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 1/15/19

Leave your questions and comments here for tonight’s Rewind-A-SmackDown.

What did you think of SmackDown?

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Brandon from Oshawa

I dont know how everyone else is going to feel about this show, but this may have been one of my favorite episodes of Smackdown ever. One of my biggest pet peeves in wrestling, is when someone is part of a segment that doesnt require them to wear their ring gear, but they always wear it, because they so happen to end up in a match. I fucking loved that Becky & Miz both wrestled tonight in their street clothes. To me, it just makes things feel less planned and more spontaneous, like anything can happen.

I loved Andrade/Rey. I loved the AJ/Bryan brawl and the Joe/Ali beatdown. I also really loved how Joe teased putting Ali through the table, but didnt, because he knew he’d get a face pop. Its little things like that, that add up to me. I loved the stuff with Jimmy/Naomi/Mandy. I’m a big fan of angles taking place outside of the arena.

I cant even believe how into this Miz/Shane team I am, but the story has been fantastic and I really hope they win the tag titles and I cant wait for Miz to finally lay out Shane. I cant praise this show enough. There were some issues, like Mandys logic at the hotel and Shane barely hitting the cake into Sheamus, but I actually have fun watching Smackdown right now, so I can forgive those things. I’ve felt that way for a while, but tonight really took it over the top for me.

Mark from Vaughan

Thought this was a strong show and it felt like a lot had happened by the time the first hour was done. Loved Becky’s weird interactions with Dasha and Otis during the cold open. She continues to come across as a star when they present her differently from everyone else.

Question: What kind of story do you think they should tell with Andrade and Mysterio? The two have great chemistry so far but I’d hate for them to just aimlessly wrestle each other every week like the Lucha House Party and Revival without more substance.

Double Shot: Are there any matches from Nigel McGuinness that really stand out to you that you’d recommend for someone that’s never seen his work? I’d assume there are some great Bryan matches.

Jalen from Pickering,

Overall the show felt like there was solid effort being put in, but all the ideas were poorly executed except for the Joe/Ali stuff.

Once again the “Real” AJ Styles finds himself in a bad segment. Him coming out during the Becky segment just to walk up stairs, seemed like a way to force the feeling of the show being more connected. And “here’s merch and hot dogs” just seems so corny.

The Mandy stuff was completely lacking in logic. You’re telling Sonya and Jimmy your plan in front of cameras, but this paparazzi guy is somehow gonna fool Naomi.

And is it too much to ask for a Canadian destroyer to actually be a finish in a no stakes midcard match?

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Chris from Queensland, Australia.

Enjoyed the Women opening SmackDown, Becky vs Peyton had a good TV match and Auska was dominate against Billie. Fabulous Trust took their vacation and we got 5 photos and no vignettes, what a disappointing payoff from Mixed Match Challenge.

Not really sure if these backstage glimpse of NXT talent is any better then the same highlight reel from the past month. How does EC3 being on screen for 10 seconds on RAW & SmackDown help compared to a 5 minuet jobber match?

Lastly, will the second brans split be ending soon? It appears like all these NXT call-ups are free agents on both RAW TV & SmackDown TV.

Eric in Miami

The Rey/Andrade match was excellent, these 2 have great chemistry and I was genuinely shocked we didn’t get 50/50 booking with Rey getting his win back. If anything I hope Almas has a great showing in the Rumble and is in that final 4 with Rollins

Andrew from Cape Breton

So, the show tonight was ok. I’m somewhat afraid tomorrow we will hear reports of Otis Dozovic and Becky Lynch having food poisoning. The match with Mysterio and the Andrade was great, probably one of the best TV matches in a long time. So I enjoyed the show, for the most part. The biggest issue I had tonight was the Mandy Rose angle at her hotel room. It had the same problem the Enzo/Lana angle had. We see cameras on television during matches, but all of a sudden they don’t exist when you go outside of the arena. The worst part of it was the photographer running out, as if Mandy wouldn’t think Naomi would watch the television. WWE is sometimes too cute for their own good. 6 out of 10 show, mostly pulled down by that awful angle.

Chris from Irvine

I love the small ways WWE is trying to improve, especially the interactions between superstars from one segment to the next and pushing talents like Mustafa Ali.

I will be at Chase Field for the Royal Rumble and can confirm the seating plan shows that the wrestlers will enter from the first base dugout.

Question for you: Do you guys miss wrestlers getting totally repackaged like me? Back in the 90s, guys got completely new names and gimmicks regularly, like Tugboat to Typhoon, Papa Shango to Kama Mustafa to the Godfather and of course Glenn Jacobs’ gimmicks. Now all WWE does is change attires slightly like Dean Ambrose or remove surnames. I can’t believe they took away Cien Almas from Andrade!

Feedback for the McGuiness doc on Double Shot:
This was a great feature for WWE to do on one of their non in-ring talents. And yes Nigel is a true talent. Would it be far fetched to say he inspired a generation of UK wrestlers?
If Nigel isn’t retired for any outstanding medical reasons then this really gave way to a future match with Bryan. That would feel very special after all this time.
I loved seeing behind the scenes footage of Mauro and Nigel prepping. I enjoyed seeing casual Hunter planning out the show in the b roll. I’d love more behind the scenes looks at production because for all the gripes we have about Creative the production of the shows WWE puts on is top notch and fascinates me.

Separately I saw Rush signed with ROH and immediately thought Rush vs Naito would be huge for MSG? Can you talk a little about the background of Los Inglornables and what history Rush and Naito have as well as Cien Almas who was featured on SD tonight?


My dearest confevfe

Benvenidos amigos con me brandonfrmnj how are thee? Good man eh tu Wai? Great man good good well here we are I’m so bad at small talk. Anywho smackdown (god that was weird) it was a fun show I mean Rey and Andre excluding that match it was fine but man that match was fun. What are the limits that Vince can take to piss off the base with shortening a wrestlers name? Smackdown continues to be the A show, Dozier is Chris Farley loved it. What a horrible paragraph my apologies


-was hoping Renee would turn heel so that her and dean would become the natural born thrillers 2.0. #Cantsaykillers

-man Court TV Bauer is gonna be pissed with the way Rush dipped out on them and signed with ROH.

-do you feel some of the wrestling intellignecia has been co-opted and bought by AEW

-will TJ pay the price due to that horrible weight cut and lose this weekend John and what was your worst weight cut story I’ve got a few

I’m out of here peace

Is it possible to love anything as much as Kevin Smith loved seeing Mysterio (not Rey) in the new SpiderMan trailer?